See You Soon Chicago


 Super excited to see the “Windy City”,outfits for our next vacation are now cataloged in my brain (hehe), problem is where to wear those outfits???.

It’s going to be our/my first time in Chicago,it’s not till this summer though,but maybe you guys have some suggestions on what to do,where to eat and what to see???.

P.S. Can you tell what’s wrong with this photo???.

DISCLAIMER:Photo not mine,it belongs to the original photographer and or website.

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I swear we took about 15 photos (that night) but this is the only one that came out decent,and it’s ironic how I posed in front of that “FRESH” and healthy cafe’,when I look exactly the opposite of fresh (pardon my tired face,I came from a 12 hour shift),but I love this outfit guys,this is what I wore when we took the girls to see the movie “CINDERELLA”,that floral top is actually a dress,I didn’t feel like being girly that night so I opted to tuck it in,in this one and only black shorts I have.

Now moving on to this “Fresh Cafe‘”,I got a chance to try their turkey pesto Panini and I loved it,it was about $7,but it was mmm mmm mmm even the kids loved it,you should try it too.

Good luck”).

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Nobuo At Teeter House



This is where we celebrated my 39th birthday, at a Japanese restaurant called THE NOBUO AT TEETER HOUSE,I was a little (just slightly) disappointed with the place,not because the food tasted awful,but because the place was too tiny (it looked different from the photos on their website),you literally had to squeeze your butt between tables and chairs to move around,and unfortunately we shared  the space with a group of men and women who talked like they owned the place.

Everything deserves a second chance though,and I will definitely try this place again,because in all fairness, everything we ordered were presented nicely,the quality of food was awesome specially that we ordered some sashimi,I specifically loved their grapefruit and hamachi,and if I should go back,,,it’s for that reason,to taste their hamachi again.

TRIVIA:Did you know that hamachi is the Japanese term for yellow tail???,nice to know right?.

P.S. They don’t serve a separate white rice,we had to beg for an extra rice.



1.Dessert Trio-I forgot how much this was.

2.Grapefruit & Hamachi-$16

3.Pork belly wrapped in banana leaf-$16

4.Steamed clams,steamed in thin parchment paper-$16

5.Tako $ Tomato-$18.



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I’m 6.4 Pounds Heavier


I used to be one of those girls who seem to posses “super powers” for not gaining weight no matter what I shove in my mouth,well  guess what??? my super powers are over and gone, because last night,I couldn’t believe I wouldn’t fit in any of my dresses the way I used to,and that’s why I have to give up a dress for a this black peplum top to conceal my muffin top, yes guys,,,your super girl friend here gained 6.4 pounds in the last 4 months (no,don’t tell me it’s just poo N pee–this is real,I’m heavier), albeit,I’m still trying to convince myself that the extra pounds are from the muscles in my biceps (haha I wish) but then again the humps and the bumps in my belly are reminders of all the goodies I devoured last year,hence making me realize that “retribution is tricky” indeed.


These photos were taken at BBQ Heaven to celebrate Cecil’s and Mary’s birthday (they are the crazy ladies blowing their b-day cakes when they should be smiling at the camera–check out the 2nd to the last photo below hehehe),sides,entrees and cocktails were awesome 5/5,except the dessert which I didn’t really cared for.



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Valentine’s Day Without The Boys



Quick lunch date with these girls on Valentine’s day,wearing  another $3.50 H&M top,to match the casual mood of the place,my shoes were a little too dressy though,but it was Valentine’s day,my excuse to add a touch of sexiness to this outfit.

Photos were taken at Hot N Juicy Crawfish Glendale,We super love this place not only for their sea foods but for serving WHITE RICE!!! making us rate them 5/5.


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Because It’s My Birthday



I’m 39 what now??? no hard feelings,in fact I am excited about this journey,the journey of getting older,wiser and prettier.

I know I’m not the prettiest girl in the world,but I’ve never felt sexier,smarter and prettier than today,if these photos were taken when I was 25,I wouldn’t have shared these with you,not with that sleepy eyes and uneven legs.

But at this age,I shouldn’t have room for remorse,regrets and self-pity,life is too short to have all that garbage in life.

Someday I will look back at this journey and say,dang!!! that was awesome.

I have so much more to share,but let’s save that for later in the mean time,let me end this post here by saying THANK YOU.

P.S. This top was only $3.50 —- 70% off clearance plus extra 50% off at check out..,I know I’m cheap,but clever haha “).


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Dance Like No One Is Watching


When I learned that our friends Conrad & Cecil are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary,my restless mind started plotting for a surprise ceremony,with help from the couple’s children, our friends and Boyfriend,we were able to stage a pretty decent celebration.

We had some bloopers along the way like the cake we ordered went missing,yeah for some reasons our cake was given to the wrong person,the tables and chairs rental place was close,the couples were not ready when the priest arrived at the venue and a lot more,but I guess some bloopers are meant to happen to have something to laugh about at the end of the day.

Here’s some of the photos,enjoy.

P.S. My skirt was only $1.50 after a 50% off from Goodwill.



Thank you to Arnel and Sol Zaldivar for the beautiful  tarpaulin,Robert and Guen Tawagon,Mitch Rojo,Leslie Jumagdao,Jennifer Argame, Yvonne Castillo, Archie and Lory and the couple’s children for sharing their blessings this surprise wouldn’t have been possible without them.

To father Jo for the wonderful ceremony,to everyone who came thank you.



Photo below was my favorite part of the ceremony,although we tried our best to make the party detail a surprise,it was hard not to reveal it to the bride when we started to decorate,but on the ceremony itself,we were at least able to give the couple a big confetti surprise “).




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