I have no right to complain


Are you like me who always wanted  flatter abs but always end up getting none? hehe,don’t worry because I share your frustration , ladies,,,,welcome to the club.

This post is meant to tell you guys that if you don’t have flat abs,it’s okay,we cannot all be running around with flat abs,just like not everyone drives an audi R8 or a corvette. Let’s  face it,others are more motivated than us on that aspect and let’s give them credit for that,and don’t feel bad, remember other’s success is not our failure.

Let’s be happy for other’s achievements,let’s be happy and contented for what we have, and learn  not to complain on the  things we’re lazy to change,and in the mean time let me share some photos we took with our recent run,because I might have given up on flat abs,it doesn’t mean though that I don’t want to sweat.

Have a “feel good” week-end everyone “).



By the way I perfected my head stand,yayyy”).


 Sorry this one is blurry.


Contrary to what you think,I don’t look as good as that after I run,this photo was taken after a pause and I curled my lashes before posing like that,hehe,magic.



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I apologize for a lack of better background for my most complimented skirt ever.

Believe me this outfit is precious to me and I know it deserves a better presentation than this. But let me explain,this outfit was worn on a Sunday lunch (hosted by my friend Yvonne), and the venue was jam-packed, so as much as I wanted to squeeze in some good shots,I didn’t want to hold the hungry crowd for my OOTD photos,I’d rather have this car behind me than some angry people as my back ground,I was pretending to be nice hehe ,plus don’t you love how the sun rays camouflaged with my vitiligo???, I love it”)

What do you think?.

P.S. 1.Thanks to my 1st born for taking this photos.

2.Necklace from a flea market.

3.You will be seeing more of this lace skirt promise.


Photo below From L-R:Photo bomber JC,myself my beautiful friends Yvonne,Leslie and Sheila.



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Please HELP


Sometimes we worry on little things like what to wear,what nail color to choose,where to eat and what shoes to wear,sometimes we forget that besides our reality other people’s reality also exists.

Photo above is my friend Juanita,she was recently diagnosed with a stage 2 primary peritoneal carcinoma.As I was writing this,I was just done whining about my knee pain,but I can’t imagine the pain my friend must be in right now  ( both physically and emotionally) it puts me to shame to even whine about my knee  which I over exerted for wanting to have a fuller butt.

Today as you read this I hope you’ll find that little philanthropist in you.

We are trying to raise 20 thousand dollars for my friend’s treatment, as of today we already have 2,550 in her fund,,,we’re not there yet but we will be….with your help.

I wish you guys will consider my plea,and if you wish to help just follow or copy the link below.


Thank you so much,God bless us all.

Closet Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear 2


You’re lying if you tell me you have nothing to wear,when in fact your closet is full of clothes.I must confess, that was me in the past (yup I’ve been there).

Today on this post let’s figure out why  your closet is full of clothes but you  feel like you have nothing to wear.

1.You bought a dress because it was on sale…(ouch,I know I’m guilty,but I’ve learned my lesson now).

2.You bought a dress 2 sizes smaller because you wanted to lose weight, baby wake up and face reality,buy a dress that will fit you TODAY (another “been there too” moment).

3.You follow trend too much,remember trend changes each season (like an i-phone) and it’s hard to keep up,wear what’s available and be stylish beyond the trend,or if you still want to be trendy, buy basic colors that way it’ll be easier to mix and match them later.


4.You copy others  too much then you lost your individuality (be inspired but don’t copy),go back to loving your size,height,weight and age, then everything will fall into place.

5.You critisize your self too much,you only see your flaws that you forgot how beautiful you are,stop comparing yourself to others and  embrace YOU “).

6.You lack patience,be patient in trying your old clothes,mix and match old pieces together,I promise you will find something that will match.

7.You’re using the wrong detergent be gentle to your clothes,that way they will still look new after several washes.


8.You don’t know what colors to mix,here’s a tip: 3 color rule always works.

9.You lack confidence, it’s about time to embrace your flaws accept your self for who you are,because acceptance leads to confidence.

And lastly….because….

10.You don’t recycle!!!!,remember clothes aren’t disposable,wear them over and over,on this post I’m wearing the same dress I wore here but styled it differently, be creative “).

There you have it guys,remember your closet is full because you fell in love with those clothes when you first laid eyes on them,so go back to your closet and be confident that you’ll find something nice to wear.

Good luck”).

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Chicago style hotdog


Chili sauce on my chin,this is what happened after Boyfriend and I ran for 15 minutes,felt good and proud of our mini accomplishment, then (rewarded ourselves too much) found ourselves devouring hotdogs at Joey’s of Chicago,thanks to my foodie/photographer colleague Lane for suggesting a great hotdog/extra carbs and sodium place,hehe.

On this post I’m wearing an outfit that will surely make me say “what was I thinking?” few years from now,but as of today,I feel accomplished by being able to pull this look together,my goal was to look casual and I think,I nailed it,what do you think???.




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Healthy Banana Bread


It’s been ages and I miss baking,here’s a great banana bread recipe I tried recently,the original recipe called for buckwheat flour,whole wheat flour plus chia seeds,since I don’t have those  I opted to throw in what I have available in our kitchen,so here’s my version.

I promise you guys,this is so easy and so deliciousssss”).

Have fun baking your version,Good luck.


1/2 cup crushed walnuts

1/2 cup sliced almonds

3 ripe bananas

1/2 cup brown rice flour

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup honey

1 tbsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp. of oil to grease the pan


1.Pre heat your oven at 350 F (or 176 C).

2.Scroll down please,thank you.


3..Mash your bananas to a consistency you like.


4.Then just throw all the ingredients together,in no particular order,mix,mix,mix.


5.Grease your baking pan with an olive oil (or any oil of your choice).


6.Take a photo (just kidding) bake for 45 minutes.


7.Enjoy,and don’t forget to share “).


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