Bing Your Style Is One Year Old

imageOn the few occasions that I under-blogged, I realized I wanted to redefine the way you see “Bing Your Style”,as a mom, whose kids are growing and are defining expenditure more, BUT a blogger and a lover of style, I want to break away from the idea that style is about acquisition (because it shouldn’t be).

I don’t know how and when the culture of  “I don’t repeat an outfit” started, but it’s about time we start a better culture!!! let’s RECYCLE.

Today as we celebrate our first year together (yayyy we’re one!!!),I tried my best to stay tuned to “the culture of  recycling”,so on this post I’m wearing one of my favorite  little black dress (LBD with lots of potential),I’ve worn it ones with a gladiator shoes for a super casual look,and on this post I’m showing you how I styled it for a dressier feel (I love this dress to the roof  which means you’ll be seeing more of this soon), I love this LOOK too (except for my eye make up which made me look like a witch,too soon for Halloween eh???).

Thanx for inspiring me to blog guys,Happy 1st year to us,cheers to recycling and more blogging years,xoxo.




My portion well actually Boyfriend’s and mine,we shared.



I’m sure you know my pretty friend Leslie now,thanx Les:)


My awesome friends Cecil and Leslie.


After  our frozen yogurt treat,the guys palate were looking for something savory,and so we hop into a sushi place,pardon my lack of evidence (no photo of sushi available hehe).


This evening we are not only celebrating Bing your Style’s 1st year anniversary,this couple is also celebrating their wedding anniversary,plus Cecil’s,Leslie’s and my 5th year of service at Vanguard.


Sharing Leslie’s drink here,mmm?? kabuki’s pomegranate martini,naaaa not my thing.


This is more like me,mango martini,,,just because mango is my favorite fruit.


That’s my date right there,Boyfriend trying to figure out which way is the rest room.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Viva Mexico



Nogales Mexico is not a city to visit if you’re looking for a “profound”  Mexican culture,and with its reputation??? a sane person will not include this city in their bucket list (of places to see),but circumstances have their way of finding me,because the most reputable “vitiligo doctor” happens to live in Mexico,and although he entertains everybody,he can “only” practice in his country.

After so much thought,Me,Boyfriend and two of our (not known to public) close friends packed our bravery and decided we had enough courage to face Nogales…(we came back unscrathced,it wasn’t bad).

Seriously??? without the news and the travel advisory of cities to avoid??? one can never tell this place is dangerous,we did not see anybody carrying guns or firing or stabbing anybody,people were helpful and friendly,nobody seem to look scared being outside,most of them speaks english and most of all their food was AWESOME!!!

P.S. Thanks to the “J”s  Jong,Jack and Julius it was nice being one of the boys,i had lots of fun being the only girl,I felt both like a princess and a gangster.

P.P.S. The memo I sent these boys was 1.wear shorts 2.wear slippers obviously one of them did not get the second part.

P.P.P.S. By the way I had 2 injections,a pill prescription for 90 days and a cream for my white spots for until they’re visible,I’m very hopeful for a positive outcome,wish me luck guys,THANK YOU.



p-5.txtp-6.txt  p-3p-9.txt p-10.txtp-12.txtp-13.txt

p-2 p-15.txt

photo below is not tequila,it’s a shrimp broth served in shot a glass and is meant to be drank like a tequila thus it’s served with lime.


 If you must visit any parts of Mexico and you want to try something different,this one below is a MUST!!! it’s called MOLKAHETE.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Fourth Of July


Call me the most confused blogger in the world,some days I feel pretty frugal some days I feel overly indulgent.Well guess what?, yesterday in celebration of  July 4 ,I and the gang spent most of the day at outlets of Anthem (and you know what that meant right??? celebrating America’s Independence day by shopping!!!),but you should be proud of me,because between being frugal and indulgent??? I chose to be none!!!, I decided to be “reasonable” instead, Boyfriend and I decided to buy only what we need and most of all “what we can afford”,quite a shallow way of  celebrating this country’s independence,but my decision to be “reasonable” is a form of  independence, a freedom from wanting too many things we don’t really need.

How about you guys???how did  you celebrate your 4th of July???

P.S. Did you know that July 4,1776 is  inscribed on the tablet,that the statue of liberty is holding???,nice to know right???.

P.P.S. I bought this shoes for work,because a good nurse needs a good shoes,but when I wore them today for the first time,I thought….this pair is too pretty for work.:)




 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Someone Deserves A Crepe Cake



Hello everyone,it’s Boyfriend’s birthday (I know he’s getting old and grumpier each day),and I thought it’s the best time to put my big hands into my sleeping flour,mixing bowl,whisk etc. etc. again (ooh let’s not forget my apron).

Today I’m sharing (because sharing is caring) my crepe cake recipe,it’s my first time to try,i wasn’t so happy with my filling (there’s always a room for improvement right???),but the crepe itself was great.

Here we go:


This will make 5-6 crepes

1/2 cup cake flour

1 cup milk (we didn’t have milk so I used coconut milk)

1/4 cup white granulated sugar

1 tbsp. matcha green tea

2 eggs

1/8 cup melted butter


1 package of Hershey’s white chocolate pudding (100.8 g)

1 cup cold water

1 can Nestle’ table cream

(not the best filling please suggest a better one,thanks.)


1.Mix dry ingredients together,sift.

2.Add milk,whisk,add eggs whisk again then add butter.

3.The rest is pretty much self-explanatory,follow the photos along,you should come out with a good version,yes you can.

4.For the filling,mix all the filling ing. together.

5.assembly,stack crepes on top of each other rubbing your filling as you stack it up,cut the assembled crepe in half to make it taller,cut them into smaller triangle and serve.

Have fun making your version and good luck.



Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Love The Skin You’re In


LOve the skin you’re in, Ain’t that right??? because in this world someone will always be taller than you,skinnier than you,smarter than you,richer than you,tanner or whiter than you,but in the end none of those matter if we love ourselves just the way we are.



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Word Of The Day, Empower

Took me ages to decide to come back and blog again (sounds redundant eh???),lately I was overwhelmed by  the most grueling  job ever (being an eldest),Lord it’s actually harder than being a mom.I almost wanted to stop (blogging),but then I saw how much I have empowered other women (It’s not like they’re gonna die without me,but  it’s inspiring to hear the genuine thank yous from them).So yay here I am,I’m back with new visions,goals and inspirations,thanks for visiting  today,no promises but I know I’m not ready to give up my passion yet (did I hear you say yayyy???,,thank you,thank you).

These photos were taken on our last “out of the house” trip,we decided we wanted to sleep in a hotel and swim,(We think that) it’s actually cheaper to do it this way,because water parks will only let you stay for 4 hours (plus water parks are too crowded),and they charge almost the same as the hotels,so with a little extra (with lots of perks with it like free ice cream,free movie,goodie bags for the kids)  we  booked a 1 day “out of the house” trip to celebrate father’s day and to make the girls feel that school break is really a break  (we live 15  minutes from this place).


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo. (Gosh I miss saying that!!! or typing that).

Flour less Pancake


Hello everyone???another day another week,today I’m sharing another easy breakfast recipe,have fun making your version.


2 ripe bananas

2 eggs

a pinch of salt (optional)

1 tbsp. peanut butter (optional)


1.mash your bananas,I just used a fork

2.mix the other ingredients and cook it the way you would a regular pancake.

Happy Monday everyone.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.