I had my bucket list super simplified this month,I had it trimmed down to anything that does not require going out (not in this 3 digit AZ weather, good alibi, why not) and spending money.

I’m surprised with my lack of cravings for shopping, eating out and long drives (I guess it’s my brain’s way of coping with my uncontrolled diminishing wallet size).

Welcome to the world of working class,which literally translates to less work less money (I have only been worrking 3 days a week).

It’s common for me to lounge over a melodramatic Korean soap (currently watching  The Time I loved You) or a good book (done with China Rich Girlfriend 4.5/5 stars).

But it’s a scary fact that I have become a devotee of “instant noodles” (ugh! to all the sodium),no shower days (pardon my lack of love for hygiene but I wash special parts promise) exaggerated long deep slumber and my lack of concern for filling my old bucketlist (what happened to the I want to see the world?).

Once in a while the reality of “I need to make breakfast”, “drop the kids off to school etc”, thugs me out of my make-believe “I don’t have duties” life , but it doesn’t take that long before I go back to savoring my own bubble of I love to stay home mode,I don’t want to be disturbed,I love the smell of dirty sheets and my familiar showerless self (sorry I’m gross).

Don’t worry,I know it’s not depression because I still love working out and blogging, I’m sure this is a good karma bound to happen, to compensate for my peasant – like life when I was younger,because back then, I can never be lazy without being yelled at.

P.S. I took a bath today.


Top:H&M turtle neck which I got for $5 bottom trifted $1.99.

Happy weekend you guys.


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Funny how I felt so ugly in high school,when that must have been the prettiest episode of my existence, high cheekbones,supple skin,tiny but perky boobs,taut butt,shiny hair ,naked lips-no lipstick (not even a lip gloss),no makeup no foundation …(and the list could go on).

The what seemed like congregation of pubescent admirers  did not change the way I looked at myself, In fact their presence confused me (why do these crazy sweaty boys like me???).

I was way too insecure that a pimple will make me skip school back then,I felt worst than “the” ugly duckling.

My feelings of inadequacy caused more trouble than what I needed,one time I decided to give my self a hair cut  (because I thought a shorter bangs would make me feel better),but I cut it way too short and ended up the laughing stock in the class (I know,I know everything too much is bad).

Being around with someone I like felt  like a disastrous diarrhea was going to happen.I had relationships through love letters, and had boyfriends whom I never held hands with (tsk,sayang).

Sweet 16 was when my walls  disintegrated.

I had no choice,I met a super hero whose super power was to make my knees loopy.He transformed this ugly duckling into (not a swan – duh) still a duck but a better kind.

We held hands when we thought no one was watching,shared french (kiss) like we were working on our masters degree but made sure we didn’t cross 3rd base doing it (I behaved till after college).

But  he broke my heart (awww ***too soon I know,but don’t worry we shared about a million of “I like yous”,sweaty palms and more,,, before he decided to abandon ship),,,, I could actually continue this story by telling you that,,,,,, “his absence crippled me”,but then that’ll be too cheesy.

Then continue with the line “But I had to move on”???,okay fine I moved on,went to college met new friends,and met few awesome guys whom I shared my masters in “french” with,I’m actually really good at this,so good that now I have a PhD  and sharing this degree with my husband,happy ending wasn’t it?,wink wink.

P.S. And yeah actually, that duckling in now a swan.

P.P.S. Random thoughts after reading too much teen books.


Top is a dress, worn as  a shirt,both top and jeans are recycled from some of my previous posts.

I added this super long earrings in green and gold to add life to my boring black and white outfit.

What do you think?


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I have been overly melodramatic lately,blaming August for it,when there is really nothing to blame but myself.

I have let laziness took control of me,sucking the fun, free-spirited girl out of me.

It’s August 22 already.

It’s time to revive that old Bing back to life, to more creative posts,to crazy and fun posts, to happy and inspiring photos.

I am so looking forward for my next long day off to put this mission to action.

Happy weekend everyone.



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Vitiligo,Crazy Rich Asians And We Turned Two This Year


Been a vitiligo babe for over 15 years now.With all conviction,I can honestly say that I’ve never been more comfortable with my own skin than I am today.

Being here and active in this blogging world,it’s not enough that I just share cute photos with you guys.I feel that there is more to being here than just snapping photos and writing about them.

And you did not stumble on this post by accident or maybe you did.

Maybe you’re one of the old version of me,always sulking over my imperfections (vitiligo,dry hair,big arms,fat thighs,slim wallet name it….).

But you know what? “Winnie Harlow happened” and she showed the world how it’s okay to be imperfect.

Today “I” happened,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I tell you it’s okay to have flaws (vitiligo,pimple,scar,stretch mark etc.).Because seriously!!! there is more to life than that imperfect skin or life or being we have.

In my case they are Boyfriend,my children (and their college funds) my friends,my career that matters more than these white spots on me.

Stop worrying over what you don’t have,let you and me focus on what we have and enhance them as much as we can……..and become the better version of what was us yesterday.

What do you think?

Good Luck.

P.S. Sharing  my latest book indulgence that was worth every page,smirk and laughter,I cried reading chapter 15 (just because I’m a natural born cry baby) and fell in love with Charlie on page 498.

Thanx for the 2 blogging years with you guys,BYS has officially turned 2 this year.






Here’s a little BLOOPER,Bing has gone wild hahahaha”)



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Knott’s Berry Farm


Moms have tendencies to over think an outfit,but a styling principle of “comfort” makes planning an outfit as easy as 1,2,3.

1.Cute top, 2.denim cut out (which has ben my uniform this summer) and 3.a comfy shoes always bring that cool mom vibe in a middle of the hustling theme park crowd.

Accessories to compliment a look should be relevant too,like this black straw hat (because it’s obviously hot outside) and my mini cross body bag just enough to fit my water mist,lip balm and that life saving hand sanitizer for the kids.

Easy wasn’t it???.

Good luck planning an outfit,xoxo”).


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