The Evolution Of Man


     Yayyyy I’m back (no I wasn’t sick) I finally feel rested,in fact I feel like I’ve been over doing it (my quest to sleeping more),my eat, sleep,momming, work and work out pattern has been working smoothly and so I can finally post something for my blog (our blog).

These photos were taken tonight,I’m obviously wearing my favorite work out shoes,my favorite socks and my favorite work out gear my (over worn) black tights and gray jacket,I sure do have other tights and jackets but my pledge to recycling old outfits should also include my work out clothes,right???

I guess I’m lacking inspiration (can’t write any further),but I hope this post will inspire you guys to get your butt off that couch and get some sweat going…..make  “SWEATING” be your goal and everything else shall follow.

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 AND HERE’S BOYFRIEND’S VERSION OF HEAD STAND,WAY BETTER THAN MINE,PARDON HIS BELLY HEHE”)…have fun with your version,remember,,,no one is too old to learn something new”)



22 Things I Don’t Have But I’m Alive Anyway


Lately I have been trying to live as minimal as possible, and along the process I realized how much I don’t have but I’m alive anyway,here’s my list:

1.I-phone/cell phone….. (used to have 1) I can still communicate anyway.
2.cable TV….. I stay informed anyway.
3.high speed internet (we have the slowest)…I’m connected anyway.
4.signature wallet…..I don’t have a wallet anyway.
5.TV in our master bedroom…. I sleep better anyway.
6.crystal chandelier….our house is well-lit anyway.
7.pool….I know how to swim anyway.
8.automatic garage door opener….I use my arms anyway.
9.piano…I know “Do Re Mi” anyway.
10.Mac cosmetics…’s in my “can’t afford list” anyway.
11.panini maker….we enjoy pancakes anyway. processor and stand mixer….my cakes come out right anyway.
13.time share…we still have great vacations anyway.
14.rolex watch…I have time for my kids,my self,husband and work anyway.
15.extra stuff in our garage…we have more space anyway.
16.nook….i enjoy my novels all the same anyway.
17.a diamond wedding ring…I’m still married anyway. magazine subscription….I don’t read them anyway.
19.a personal trainer…i work out anyway. house…i feel rested anyway.

21.beautiful legs…i wear shorts anyway.

22.perfect skin…i still sweat anyway.

P.S. I’m not saying that my life is better than yours because you have what I don’t have,what I’m trying to say is that “life” is not defined with what we have or don’t have,live life the way you know it.

P.P.S. the best photo I can find to match this post,the white spots in my arm is my vitiligo.

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Take Pleasure In Saving


   I bet you know  how I suffered from the perks of credit cards  (suffered and learned),although WE are not totally debt free yet (may never be in the next few years— we’re heading there), but I know that the debts we have ,fall under the category of a “good debt”.

Good debt is a debt you have to make to provide a roof  for your family,or the debt you have to make to get you that reliable car that brings you to and from work everyday,based on a mortgage and premium you can afford,bad debt is the debt you made over a prada purse that costs twice of what you make,or the debt you spent on your recent trip to Machu-pichu which was rated as most viewed on your Facebook account for getting 1,000 likes last month,or last year or heaven knows when.

Truth is,none of those people who liked your post on Facebook will help you pay your debts,it could have been nice if all the likes  you get on your post will convert to dollars,right???

“Take pleasure in saving” is not my original, Suze Ormon quoted that,and that has been my mantra in saving,It doesn’t mean I have a lot though,but it’s been helping me make smart choices on where and how to spend my hard-earned $dollars.

And please don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying that everyone who owns a prada purse or everyone who gets a million likes on Facebook on their vacation means that they accomplished  that by an unrestrained pleasure thru debt,OH no,no,let’s give the good earners credit for their hard work,what I’m really trying to say is for us to live with in our means,and maybe learn to take pleasure in saving as much as we take pleasure in spending.

Oooohhh I love this new me.

P.S. Image used in this post is not mine.

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Bamboo shoot for lunch


  Two more days (not looking forward,but inevitable) all 3 of our kids will be going to school,2 of them are returnees and our little one is a newbie,she will start kindergarten (sob,sooobbbb…….),the  anticipation of being home alone (well not really, Boyfriend will be stuck with me)  makes me feel old and an under achiever mom (where have the times gone? that’s a song I know)  that’s why lately I have been making sure that the kids always get the best tasting and best looking meals I can come up with.

Today here’s one of the most  good-looking meal I served the gang.


                                         1.1 package of sliced pre-cooked bamboo shoots (available at Asian store).
                                                                               2.2 pounds ground pork,pan-fried.
3.2 eggs.
4.1/4 cup soy sauce (measurements depends on how salty you want your omelet to be).
5.ground black pepper. oil,separated.
8.onion, diced.
9.1/4 cup sugar cane vinegar.
10.sugar optional.
11.2 tbsp. corn starch.


1.Pan fry ground pork till brown.
2.Add garlic and onion to browned pork.
3.Add bamboo shoots,let it simmer for about 5 minutes.
4.Pour vinegar,soy sauce,black pepper and sugar,let it simmer till liquid is reduced to your liking..
5.Remove from heat,let it cool and keep it in the fridge over night (I know this recipe requires patience haha,you need overnight for the flavors to set in).
Now the next day,you’ll be ready to make your omelet,
6.Drain remaining liquid from the mixture.
7.Beat eggs,add corn starch and pour mixture over your bamboo shoots.
8.Now you’re ready to make your version of bamboo shoot omelets.

Have fun making your version,Good luck.

P.S. I cut my hair really really short.

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anti oxidant post workout smoothie


Hello It’s August,and if my math is reliable,this  will mean that I am officially entering the 4th month of my new journey,which is to lose my old baby fats and rebuild my long-lost muscles.

I joined the gym shortly after the holy week (April),and if you don’t already know,I am very stingy in stuff like this,so to work on our budget Boyfriend and I decided to continue sharing one cell phone (who ever leaves the house,will get the privilege of carrying it) and it’s a pre-paid phone (for emergency calls only),so far we spent $100 since we had it filled last February and it still has few minutes left  to last till our next necessary phone call.

Today with regards to my “building muscles” goal,let me share one of my favorite post workout  smoothie recipes (because drinking a protein shake alone is boring),here we go.


1 cup cold water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 frozen banana
1 tbsp. chia seeds
ice (optional)


1.Pour water in a blender,add the rest of the ingredients.
2.Place ice on a cup or glass,pour your protein shake over,enjoy.

I PROMISE YOU THIS IS DELICIOUS!!! and the raspberries add a tinge of anti-oxidant to your muscle-building goal.

Have fun making your version.

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Bing Your Style Is One Year Old

imageOn the few occasions that I under-blogged, I realized I wanted to redefine the way you see “Bing Your Style”,as a mom, whose kids are growing and are defining expenditure more, BUT a blogger and a lover of style, I want to break away from the idea that style is about acquisition (because it shouldn’t be).

I don’t know how and when the culture of  “I don’t repeat an outfit” started, but it’s about time we start a better culture!!! let’s RECYCLE.

Today as we celebrate our first year together (yayyy we’re one!!!),I tried my best to stay tuned to “the culture of  recycling”,so on this post I’m wearing one of my favorite  little black dress (LBD with lots of potential),I’ve worn it ones with a gladiator shoes for a super casual look,and on this post I’m showing you how I styled it for a dressier feel (I love this dress to the roof  which means you’ll be seeing more of this soon), I love this LOOK too (except for my eye make up which made me look like a witch,too soon for Halloween eh???).

Thanx for inspiring me to blog guys,Happy 1st year to us,cheers to recycling and more blogging years,xoxo.




My portion well actually Boyfriend’s and mine,we shared.



I’m sure you know my pretty friend Leslie now,thanx Les:)


My awesome friends Cecil and Leslie.


After  our frozen yogurt treat,the guys palate were looking for something savory,and so we hop into a sushi place,pardon my lack of evidence (no photo of sushi available hehe).


This evening we are not only celebrating Bing your Style’s 1st year anniversary,this couple is also celebrating their wedding anniversary,plus Cecil’s,Leslie’s and my 5th year of service at Vanguard.


Sharing Leslie’s drink here,mmm?? kabuki’s pomegranate martini,naaaa not my thing.


This is more like me,mango something something,,,just because mango is my favorite fruit.


That’s my date right there,Boyfriend trying to figure out which way is the rest room.


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