03/ 12/ 2013

50 Photos For Fall

We define expensive based on what we have or what we make,we define what’s a hot weather and what’s not depending on our geographic location (like my friends from Cali call 75 degrees warm,when that usually means heaven in Phoenix),a good food is based on our culture,our environment and the familial influences we harbored.
     I live in Arizona,,,the East coast,European or Scandinavian bloggers had long posted a “sweater weather” article on their blogs,while I was still complaining of how hot it is in AZ,so now finally it won’t look ridiculous to wear a turtle neck sweater this time of the year even if you live where I live.
    This photos were taken at about 10 in the morning (does the sun rays validate my claim??that it’s 10 am??or maybe 11,haha).On this photo shoot Boyfriend took about 50 shots no complains (He loved the weather too) and I know if turtle neck sweater will not earn me a ridiculous comment then posting all 50 photos might,so here’s 9 of my favorite.
I stopped labeling the clothes or accessories I wear on my blog,but my principle in getting comfy and chic without breaking a bank remains the same,today let me brag a little bit about my savings,,,sweater above is JLO I scored from “Black Friday”..(the gang shopped at noon to avoid the crowd) animal print pants was on the clearance rack at “Old Navy” which I got for 13 bucks,shoes from Target which I scored for buy 1 get next pair 50% off,purse was 25% off,label on my next post,haha.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

4 responses to “50 Photos For Fall”

  1. liz says:

    love your bag! this is a great look, effortless!


  2. IndianSavage says:

    Adorable look sweetheart! I like your sweater.
    The Indian Savage diary

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