06/ 05/ 2014

A Birdcage And A Blusher Veil

Our first-born received her first communion this month,she’s 12,I know that’s too old and too late  to receive this sacrament,but guys I was christened when I was 14-so let’s not stereotype,if love has no age limit and so are the blessed sacraments.
Today I’m sharing a milestone in our preteen’s life and the little feast we had after the event.
Come let me show you a cherry blossom in AZ,Happy Tuesday everyone.

This is the dress I chose for her,but we had to cover that cut out during the ceremony,I made her two veils,that bird-cage veil on the first photo which she hated and that little blusher veil on the 2nd photo which she said was more “human and appropriate”,as a mom/blogger I was a little sad that we were not allowed to take photos during the ceremony.

They are the Felicianos,I’m sure you’ve seen my friend Cecil in one of my  previous posts,they were also there to celebrate their son’s first communion,and daddy Feliciano is our preteen’s sponsor.


I’ve heard people raving about this place,the “Cherry Blossom noodle cafe”,so on this special occasion I thought to give it a try,It was a Saturday when we went there,so a queue was expected,customer service was 5 star,the food was awesome but it’s not something that will make us go back,price was reasonable,space was meager (maybe because I’m claustrophobic),at least we’ve tried it…..and that’s the Cherry Blossom in AZ.

 image (1)

That’s ate  Christelle killing time with our minions by a selfie,don’t you love her bicep???
Now this is what I meant by good customer service,when everything around him was in loco motion,he stayed friendly,calm and vibrant,,,,he was our server.
 This post will not be complete without an outfit post,that dress is from TJ Maxx $17,purse from Michael Kors 25% off original price,shoes Steve Madden from Last Chance was $79.99 I got it for $18.99.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

6 responses to “A Birdcage And A Blusher Veil”

  1. idreamofbunnies says:

    Love the white dress. You are looking gorgeous!

    xx Cissy

  2. You look gorgeous girl ! Huge fan of your shoes too !
    Just a great post 🙂


  3. Elle Berman says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that special occasion with us, she’s just so beautiful in that veil. Looks like everyone had a good time and I’m sorry that you found the restaurant to be so crowded.
    I absolutely love that floral dress your wearing, you just look so stunning! Kisses, Elle

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