24/ 07/ 2014

Bing Your Style Is One Year Old

imageOn the few occasions that I under-blogged, I realized I wanted to redefine the way you see “Bing Your Style”,as a mom, whose kids are growing and are defining expenditure more, BUT a blogger and a lover of style, I want to break away from the idea that style is about acquisition (because it shouldn’t be).

I don’t know how and when the culture of  “I don’t repeat an outfit” started, but it’s about time we start a better culture!!! let’s RECYCLE.

Today as we celebrate our first year together (yayyy we’re one!!!),I tried my best to stay tuned to “the culture of  recycling”,so on this post I’m wearing one of my favorite  little black dress (LBD with lots of potential),I’ve worn it ones with a gladiator shoes for a super casual look,and on this post I’m showing you how I styled it for a dressier feel (I love this dress to the roof  which means you’ll be seeing more of this soon), I love this LOOK too (except for my eye make up which made me look like a witch,too soon for Halloween eh???).

Thanx for inspiring me to blog guys,Happy 1st year to us,cheers to recycling and more blogging years,xoxo.




I’m sure you know my pretty friend Leslie now,thanx Les:)


My awesome friends Cecil and Leslie.


After  our frozen yogurt treat,the guys palate were looking for something savory,and so we hop into a sushi place,pardon my lack of evidence (no photo of sushi available hehe).



That’s my date right there,Boyfriend trying to figure out which way is the rest room.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Bing Your Style Is One Year Old”

  1. elb743 says:

    Happy Blog-aversary!
    You look super stunning in that LBD and I love it styled up with the gorgeous gladiator sandals and dramatic eyes. I agree, but I am one of the guilty offenders, I have not repeated an outfit, but much of what I wear is second hand… so I recycled, too. And most of what I wear is old, sometimes decades old!
    Thank you for sharing this thoughtul and intelligent post.
    Cheers, to many more blog years!
    xx, Elle

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