26/ 02/ 2014

8 Steps To Feeling Better After A Conflict

2014 started a little rough for me,but like I said (here) I’m not 38 for no reason,on this post I’m sharing a little “potion” I use to fight my blues away…..

1. Cry,tear glands are there for a reason (or yell if you’re a yeller).

2.Tell the other party how you feel and cry some more,but don’t expect to feel better yet.

3.Call off from work and watch Korean drama and cry your heart out some more (well emotional pain is not feeling well aswell-told you I love to rhyme).

4.Sleep for 3 days and eat in between waking hours.

5.Apologize,it doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right,I can only do this after crying,then I’ll start feeling a little better.

6.Ask your self these: 1.Is this person worth keeping??? 2.Will you have regrets if you let this person go???.

7.If you answered Yes to both questions in no.6 then keep the person and give them a chance to explain(talk).If the answer is No,stay civil (this is what we cool people do) but keep your distance from them,because this is what smart people do and don’t feel bad for apologizing,because doing the right thing is the key to feeling better.

8.Move on with your life,but exercise more to shake off the weight you gain from sleeping and eating too much on those 3 depressing days.

Good luck,it’s okay to cry we need rain in our lives sometimes (for us to grow),but don’t forget to smile,because that’s the rainbow after the rain.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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