15/ 02/ 2014

Birthday Breakfast

Here’s my friend Leslie’s big gesture of LOVE on my birthday,she was my driver,gasoline girl,photographer and financier that day,she even bought me a really really red velvet cake to match my really really red jeans,we both had fun criticizing our food (bad girls) now it’s your turn to have fun (criticizing) scanning through our breakfast photos,^_*.
Up all night???yes I was:),but smile looks good on everyone,even the sleep deprived:)
This place is called Wild Flower Bread Company,the interior is great,the food???not so,but it was packed that day which means people love what they serve,maybe it’s just our taste buds.
Their kitchen is open,so everyone can see what they do inside,,including this guy sniffing to what looks like pancakes,,,I wonder if he also did that to our soups???
If their food is not too superb for me and Leslie,their chai latte is a different story,the best one in Phoenix so far better than Starbucks,Hava Java and Shots of Java.
Can you tell I’m drooling???
A cup of chai latte could have been enough,but a little extra is always highly,highly appreciated (we’re both nocturnals but she made time to stay up longer to treat me with this,don’t you sometimes wish we’re your friends???),just sometimes.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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