18/ 08/ 2013

Bra Less

     This might sound funny but looking back ,I’m glad two of the most well trained cops(and good looking too ehem)came to our house when our alarm system went off,my little one had apparently hit the panic button before they(bf and the kids) left for school leaving me home alone and asleep.I was awaken by a loud unfamiliar voice(I know I must have been in la-la-land I did not even hear the alarm)he was calling my name( yes they knew my name),still half asleep I opened our bedroom door and saw two black silhouettes,and what should a bra-less woman do in situation like this????I screamed (only bf and my friend Jenny A. knows how loud that is)to the top of my lungs with both hands in my chest,thank Goodness I was not bottomless,it could have been worst,I only have two hands(picture that!).I guess it was basic instinct,my safety did not matter that time,because aside from screaming loud,MODESTY was my brain’s top priority that moment.Now make that number one in my most embarrassing moment list,,,,,like I said it sounded funny but the cops could have killed me if they were novice,I remember clearly the silhouettes had their guns pointed on me,we all laughed  afterwards,they apologized and explained their protocol,but yeah it’s true what they say…some lessons are learned the hard,or make that the embarrassing way.What’s your most  embarrassing moment???and whats your favorite sleepwear???
Thanx for visiting my blog and triple thanx for reading it.xoxo.
Forever 21 top,Roxy shorts

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