24/ 09/ 2013

Celebrating Fall

After satisfying my egocentrism with my post about my vanity and narcissism,today let me satisfy my palate with a gastronomic celebration of “finally feeling fall weather” in the desert,although some parts of the world skipped fall and proceeded to a more wintry weather,a little drop of temperature in the valley of the sun is always nirvana…….:) and always deserves a less exaggerated smorgasbord.
Today in between delivering and picking up cargo boxes(our household side line,if you live in the west side Phoenix we cater to this area,,,my point is!!!please always prepare a customary tip okay???),
we manage to shoot some photos for my blog,enjoyed a little feast at our usual favorite(Dimsum) place to eat,because I married a man with a boring,monotonous and should I say loyal palate,he only eats Asian food.
Caution: you will see “chicken feet” in this post,and yes they are edible.
pardon my “can’t decide whether to smile or not to smile”smile,I wasn’t too confident about my wires.(that’s what I meant I’m scared there might be undigested food stuck in my braces).
even the food decided to match my fall colored top.
and the walls too.
seaweed salad
L-R chicken feet,tapioca,butchi,shiomai
consistently good food at a consistently cheap price,they are located along 35th ave and Camelback Phoenix.
disclaimer:I wasn’t paid to endorse them,but we love this place too much,it’ll be selfish not to share.
P.S. the moving cart like photo shown above is available from 11am-3pm only.
Isn’t this cute???this was written in one of the boxes we picked up,another something too cute not to share.
And that wraps up our little fall celebration.

 Top and Bottom from TJ Max
Rampage Shoes
Steve Madden sunnies
Nine West mini messenger bag ($2.50 a yard sale find)

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.


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  1. Janis says:

    Hi Bing see I did browse in your blogs and it’s cool! Thank you for checking mine earlier:) I will definitely come back for more! Goodluck

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