03/ 01/ 2015

Cheap Versus Frugal


Am I cheap or frugal???.Let me share how much it cost me to look like this (talking about this  outfit),let’s start with this ear muffs $1.50 less 50% = .75!!! (from Goodwill-properly sanitized properly washed..pardon my defensiveness),this Cynthia Rowley throw which I’ve worn as a scarf was $32,went on sale for $19.99 before Christmas,but I waited till after Christmas to buy it-which then dropped to $14, this jeans are old which I’ve probably worn a hundred times,this winter boots were $79.99 from skechers  got it for $24.99 – (oh yeah,,,this is what I’m good at, finding good deals) and most of all (you can’t top this) this faux fur-lined jacket from aeropostale,was originally $119!!! I got it for a whopping almost free at $6.99,,,did I hear ya say nooo wayyyy???,I know pat me on my back for that.



 Let’s talk about this winter look.

1. To achieve this look,I used the 3 color rule, I mixed browns and gray with black (although black is a non-color),but if there’s no other color on the outfit you can definitely use black as a color.

2.I have no extra accessories,I used the earmuffs and the scarf to do the job (I didn’t want to look like a Christmas tree).

3.I wore a little make up,a pink blush for my cheeks to achieve that winter glow (I did not conture my cheeks and jaw) a hint of pink lipstick,a brown brow liner and a neutral shade of eye shadow to complete the look.

Now going back to the question,am I cheap or frugal???,I guess I’m both,what do you think???

(You know that my post will not be complete without showing the goofball side of me right? so here’s that below).


Photo below is the famous Weatherford Hotel,famous for being haunted and venue of Flagstaff’s New year’s eve traditional “Great pine cone drop”,and another yet “haunted hotel ” hotel Monte Vista” which is the house of a famous bar called the “rendezvous”.


Our cold feet were originally set to have dinner at the “Karma” sushi restaurant,but were packed that night,and so we settled for another Asian resto called the Swadee Thai,the place was good 3.5/5,clean,friendly their soup was good (as usual we had tom-yum and wonton soup)it’s 3/5 because the appetizers and their sauces weren’t as great as we expected them to be.



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