18/ 04/ 2015

Closet Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear 2


You’re lying if you tell me you have nothing to wear,when in fact your closet is full of clothes.I must confess, that was me in the past (yup I’ve been there).

Today on this post let’s figure out why  your closet is full of clothes but you  feel like you have nothing to wear.

1.You bought a dress because it was on sale…(ouch,I know I’m guilty,but I’ve learned my lesson now).

2.You bought a dress 2 sizes smaller because you wanted to lose weight, baby wake up and face reality,buy a dress that will fit you TODAY (another “been there too” moment).

3.You follow trend too much,remember trend changes each season (like an i-phone) and it’s hard to keep up,wear what’s available and be stylish beyond the trend,or if you still want to be trendy, buy basic colors that way it’ll be easier to mix and match them later.


4.You copy others  too much then you lost your individuality (be inspired but don’t copy),go back to loving your size,height,weight and age, then everything will fall into place.

5.You critisize your self too much,you only see your flaws that you forgot how beautiful you are,stop comparing yourself to others and  embrace YOU “).

6.You lack patience,be patient in trying your old clothes,mix and match old pieces together,I promise you will find something that will match.

7.You’re using the wrong detergent be gentle to your clothes,that way they will still look new after several washes.


8.You don’t know what colors to mix,here’s a tip: 3 color rule always works.

9.You lack confidence, it’s about time to embrace your flaws accept your self for who you are,because acceptance leads to confidence.

And lastly….because….

10.You don’t recycle!!!!,remember clothes aren’t disposable,wear them over and over,on this post I’m wearing the same dress I wore here but styled it differently, be creative “).

There you have it guys,remember your closet is full because you fell in love with those clothes when you first laid eyes on them,so go back to your closet and be confident that you’ll find something nice to wear.

Good luck”).

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Closet Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear 2”

  1. Elle says:

    Love this gorgeous floral top on you and your short and perfect with it.
    Great advice! I am pretty good at all of that., at my age I have learned a thing or two. My super trendy clothes are cheap and fun to wear, i don’t buy them often, but I donate them after i wear them so someone else can wear them and the proceeds go to charity.. the rest is investment pieces… win win. and my weight has been the same for 35 years… I am lucky!
    Have a wonderful week sweet Bing!
    xx, Elle

    • Bing says:

      awesome,I’ll never get tired of saying that I’m so lucky to have found your blog,you’re an inspiration to me”)Thank you Elle,xoxo.

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