16/ 09/ 2013

Closet Full Of Clothes Nothing To Wear

Let me overuse the word dilemma,just to emphasize my undying point that possibilities are endless in your closet,(I’m not referring to the verb or the acrobatic performance you had there recently,I know you’re smiling right now because you’re guilty…..or if you haven’t done that yet…it’s highly recommended),I’m talking about your inability to mix and match your outfit.

Today let’s hone your imagination,then let’s also try another trick,what about looking at your boyfriend’s closet???because if your imagination is failing you,experimenting might work for you..(what if you don’t have a boyfriend???,please ask your other friend to help you on that okay???).
Yesterday I borrowed Boyfriend’s shirt for a tomboy look,I paired it with my skinny jeans(my thighs are still wide but skinny jeans make them feel like they are) and my high heels to finish the girl meets boy look(wore it to church).Try it next time it’s fun…good luck..(ssshh I’m whispering,,,,but don’t forget to add “the acrobatic in the closet” on your  things to do before you turn 50 list).
Levi’s Top
Mossimo Jeans
Prabal Gurung Shoes
Zara Satchel Purse
Photography by Martina
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