16/ 08/ 2013


  If jeans could talk,this distressed jeans would tell me to give her a breakkkkk because she’s  in real distress(haha poor jeans),I know I know,you’re telling me to buy a new one (But this is what my blog  is trying to tell you guys…….to recycle,I know you don’t buy that),ok fine let me confess,,,,this is actually my one and only “distressed jeans” I bought it for 8 bucks,it was on clearance it’s size25(makes me feel skinny everytime i put it on) soft,comfy and low maintenance-I don’t iron it,but I hand wash it,that’s how precious this jeans is to me plus I’m sentimental,ok that doesn’t count (the sentimental part) but the  truth is I don’t buy jeans anything over 20 bucks,that’s why I can never replace this jeans,because most boyfriend pants are over 20..and it doesn’t fit my criteria for buying a new one…so for now until I find a perfect pair,you guys will see more of this sweet comfy little distress jeans,,,,,.I know you’re in distress reading that:).

Abercrombie & Fitch top

Forever21 boyfriend jeans

Franco Sarto shoes

Thanx for visiting my blog and triple thanx for reading it.xoxo.

2 responses to “Confession”

  1. leslie says:

    Guess what! I just bought my first distressed jeans. Its a discreet version of distress. Its a boyfriend pants, very comfy. I love it. And being my fashion icon. I also bought a grey shirt to go with it. Hehe.

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