27/ 10/ 2013

Cronuts in Phoenix

So what’s the fuss about cronuts???(in crescendo).. and Why fuss???(in decrescendo).

Well I don’t know either,I guess we can blame social media for this cronut craze, in my case I  blame  Kris TV (which happens to be my favorite TV show in the Philippines).

Hopping into the bandwagon,the whole gang(Boyfriend,me and the kids)drove our way up Northeast to Greenway avenue to find one of the only two places serving cronuts in Phoenix.

On Saturdays this place opens at 9:00am,imagine how funny I looked with this outfit,I was really hoping the temperature would cooperate so I can give justice to this red and gray scarf(but it was chilly when we left home:)),but it didn’t,,,the Arizona weather never fails to give heat even in autumn.But for the love of my blog I have to pose before my sweat would break into  beads and become visible in lens.


While waiting for our cronuts to get done,I was distracted by this ROCKY ROAD cupcake,they’re $3.25 each(if anything over a dollar is an indulgence,then let it be),my review??? 5/5 it was worth the price,not too sweet,smelled really good,the frosting was smooth and worthy to the last bite,(maybe i’m bias because I love rockyroad ice cream but well it is still a 5/5).

The place is called Victorian Cake co.,their cronuts unlike the cupcakes are not displayed on their glass shelf,because they fry them,yes you heard that right,cronuts are fried which means they are not diet friendly.

My review???Boyfriend who is not a sweet lover(he is sweet to me though-he better be) loved it he said 5/5,the kids had the same reaction,but I’m sorry I’d rate it 3/5,it tasted like a regular donut,with cream and lots of oil,I was looking for that croissant effect(because they say cronut is a fusion of doughnut and croissant)I guess I was expecting too much,plus they cost $5 each,will I ever buy them again???yes because the rest of the gang were smitten by it.

There is another bakery in Phoenix making cronuts,we wanted to go there first because it was on the way,but we got lost,I actually called the place the day before our visit but I forgot to ask their major cross streets,and my phone’s navigation system was as lost as we are.

here’s their address: Karl’s Quality Bakery 8847 N. 7th Avenue,Phoenix,AZ 85021

I will definitely drag the gang there on my next day off,but if you will make it there first please let me know what you think,I heard their cronuts are $2.50 each.


 Do you know any other cronut places in Phoenix???and have you tried one yet???Kris TV always tells us to live a little,so let’s do that.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

8 responses to “Cronuts in Phoenix”

  1. Bing says:

    Oh you came to visit,ou’re so sweet Indian Savage:)

  2. Ellen says:

    Love your outfit, the scarf is gorgeous. I tank I am just a brownie person and will stick with those..
    XX, Elle

  3. IndianSavage says:

    You’re so stunning! I really like every photo.
    Have a sweet sweet monday.
    The diary of Indian Savage

  4. Karen G Bell says:


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