13/ 12/ 2013



I always thought that the hollow part below our neck (between our collar bone) is called decolletage.

My quest started after watching the movie “The English Patient”,where Count Laszlo asked his friend what “that” body part is called(that question was never answered in the movie).Well apparently as scientific as it sounds,decolletage is not in anyway related to anatomy,it is rather related to fashion…..because it means “a low neckline to a woman’s dress”.
On this post I decided to wear a turtle neck top,hiding that hollow part below my neck (which I still don’t know what it’s called-please share if you do) to get cozy sexy when it’s almost freezing outside (because 71 degrees is almost freezing for me).
1.If you haven’t seen “The English Patient” yet and you have 162 minutes to spare,it’s never too late to savor  a “best picture” movie.
2.Sexiness like success is a state of mind(that’s according to me—hehehe),that’s my mantra to feeling sexy and successful.
Have a safe and sexy Friday everyone,anyong.
 Disclaimer:I have vitiligo.
 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

4 responses to “Decolletage”

  1. Elle says:

    I personally think that a tight turtleneck is sexier than a dress or shirts that shows, shall we call it cleavage?
    XX, Elle
    Love the way you look!

  2. Amazing look sweetie.
    Kisses and Have a good week.

    The Indian Savage Diary

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