24/ 05/ 2015

Denim Dress Shirt


This dress shirt deserves a lot of blog posts,a very versatile piece that will go with any casual or dressy mood,a 3 inch strappy sandals will make this look dressy,a chuck taylor will make it sporty,a low-cut pair of boots or a gladiator sandals will give it a laid back vibe,even a cute pair of pumps will surely match this outfit.

On this post I’ve paired it with my newly acquired Michael Kors back pack (originally $598 I got it for a whopping $175 plus tax plus S&H though,it’s still a good deal,don’t you think?) and my all time favorite Rampage flats for a comfy slash “dental appointment” appropriate look,although I’m not really sure if this was appropriate (for a dental appointment) because I caught my dentist (on my peripheral vision) checking out my legs, oops awkward “),I didn’t say anything though,I couldn’t blame him,he’s my dentist for a reason,,a teeth doctor who appreciates beauty (LOL),just agree with me on this okay haha.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.


Denim dress:Levi’s, shoes:Rampage, backpack:Michael Kors.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Denim Dress Shirt”

  1. Elle says:

    Well, my dear, your dentist has great taste, and you do look fabulous in this! That is such a steal for the back pack! Love the simple chic dress, and you should always wear something that shows your legs!
    XX, Elle
    loved the background, too!!! So professional!

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