04/ 12/ 2013

DIY Table Center Piece

It’s officially 21 days before Christmas,and that countdown is officially making me restless too,not because I’m not prepared,rather because I cannot leave our house untouched,something has to be flipped,so today I’m gonna show you how I made our table center piece and how I used tree twigs to add drama to our CHRISTMAS tree.
3.twigs from a pine tree
4.rubber band
6.your love for what you’re about to create.
1.Gather all your materials (keep scrolling).
2.Put your rubber band around the candle.
3.Cut and insert the twigs around the candle,letting the rubber band hold them in place.
4.Tie your ribbon around the twigs,make sure to cover the rubber band.
5.You may use a tray to place your candles in,or in my case I used this piece of wood that Boyfriend cut( that wood is from our neighbor’s tree,we did not cut their tree we asked them nicely ho ho ho,their tree fell last time there was a sand storm in AZ).
6.Add details by adding pine tree leaves to your center piece,I added those red covered chocolates and the crystal garland to add color and texture.
These twigs(photo below) came from our friends Robert and Gwen,thank you.
My original plan was to spray paint them with silver,but my mood changed (blaming the weather)I got lazy and had to settle for what I have.I inserted the twigs around the tree,another plan was to make three layers or three sections of twigs,but I guess laziness is contagious,Boyfriend was too lazy to go back to Robert and Gwen’s place to get the rest of the twigs,,,so then again we settled for what we had.
Here’s what I did,I inserted them in the middle section of our tree,(it could have really really been better if we were not lazy couples,ho ho ho Santa is listening).
There’s the finished product,with my first born on the side who refused to look at the camera(we had to move our table against the chandelier alignment (just this season) to make room for the tree).
And below is a close up photo of the crystal garland hanging below the frames on the above photo,same kind of garland I used on the center piece.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who cannot wait for  Christmas to come,our neighborhood looks like  Disneyland already,Christmas lights are all over the place,except our house,,,this year we want to observe the holidays without being too lavish,on that note we decided to decorate only one area of the house,which is our formal dining room – using only ornaments we already have,recycling what we can and buying new items on sale.
So what about you? what’s making you restless this holiday???
Happy Holidays and Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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