04/ 09/ 2013

Elusive Fall Weather


(Forever21 faux leather jacket,H&M dress)


(image edited using morebeaute2 app)


(wearing naturalizer sunnies,working on getting a rayban which is gonna be an endulge)

           People living in the desert knows how bad the heat can get,sometimes I wish my zip code is 90210 or closer to that,well anyway this last few remaining days of summer(although it doesn’t apply to Arizona because it feels like summer 80% of the time),I’d like to dedicate my outfit posts to my old summer dress,I bought it last year,worn it once and it’s been sitting in my closet eversince,so this week I’m bringing my floral dress back,on this post I paired it with my brown faux leather jacket and my ankle high cowboy boots,it’s my movie date outfit,although it’s exaggeratedly hot in AZ this is the time when business establishments try to compensate and crank up their AC to keep us cool,and if you know me(I’m cold blooded the slang term,not ruthless) I wear jacket all the time,this look is based on “Bing’s style principle no.3”- which I promise to post tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting my blog,xoxo.♥♥♥

2 responses to “Elusive Fall Weather”

  1. Thanx Joy Insung for visiting my blog,and please think a Korean name for me I want Lee as my last name something like Lee Bing ——-something:)

  2. Joy InSung says:

    i know what you mean, Bing! I used to live in Las Vegas… but I can imagine since it’s -BER months already you will soon enjoy cool weather.. Loving your blog! Keep up the good work!!

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