16/ 01/ 2015

Etiquette In Gift Giving



Gift is a non-verbal way of saying “this is how I think of you” or “this is how special you are to me” or if you’re so thoughtless,your gift will say “this is how LOW I think of you”.

There is an etiquette in gift giving,we don’t need to be a genius to know that a gift should be 1.appropriate 2. presentable (that’s why we wrap gifts and take the price tag off),and I’m not trying to make you feel bad if you’re not crafty or artsy (because let’s face it, not everyone has an artsy side),but pleaseeee try your best to make your gift look as presentable as possible regardless of what age or gender the recipient is,try your best to gift something you can afford and something the receiver will love,NOT WHAT YOU WILL LOVE,because (for me) it’s not only  the  thought that counts,the effort counts aswell.

Have fun wrapping your gifts for me”),I mean for your loved ones,xoxo.

Question??? Is there an age limit for a duck face???





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