27/ 11/ 2013

Faceless And Food

 Hello Bing your style enthusiasts,here are some of my unpublished photos,although most of my FB friends have seen them on my wall…but I’m sure my  BYS followers who are not on my FB friends list would like to see them too,please ENJOY them and pardon my lack of outfit posts this month,because this weather has been so inviting,that staying between my sheets and snuggling in bed were my better options than any other options on my days off (which I only had 2 last time).

Well any way let’s talk about these photos,,,below are the dessert choices at Harrods KLCC(Kuala Lumpur City Center) ,can you guess which one I chose???

My back to back legs exposure,hahaha..pardon my over confidence but I love my legs so much I have to take photos of them before my wrinkles will take over.

Photo above is obviously my legs overlooking the Grand Canyon and photo below are my legs sun bathing over Santa Monica Pier.

Photo below is one of my many guilty pleasures 1.because of the calorie count and 2.because like I always say anything over a dollar for me is an indulgence…that’s my favorite rocky road ice cream from Cold Stone….I promise this doesn’t happen all the time.

Below is my vitiligo,displayed with 100% confidence,I used to say flaunt what you have and hide your flaws,,,but this photo clearly says….”I can’t hide my flaws”—so I might aswell flaunt it.

Photo below is from Outlets of Anthem,,,with the numerous number of outlets popping up around the Phoenix area,I’d say this is still my favorite outlet mall,I love how it’s situated by the mountains making shopping experience more relaxed,plus they have an outdoor patio at the food court which gives shoppers the Paris outdoor cafe’ vibe..(I’ve never been to Paris,it’s my imagination that’s working here,but there’s a big cactus there which brings me back to reality that i’m in AZ).   

And this is what I chose,their strawberry cheesecake,because next to rocky road,cheese cake is my next favorite dessert.

Thanx BYS supporters and followers,don’t deny it,you’re hooked!!!don’t worry just enjoy my blog and each smile and inspiration and irritation I bring you……till next time I hope I get to bring you an outfit post next time,lots of XOXOXOXO,because it is getting cold already.

Thanx for visiting my blog.

5 responses to “Faceless And Food”

  1. Elle Berman says:

    Love your legs, and I am glad you are flaunting them, pretty little spots on your feet, and all. Gorgeous pictures, so much fun to see. Thanks for sharing them!
    XX, Elle

  2. Ohh sweetheart… amazing choise!!! I love cheese cake!!!!
    Kisses and have a sweet sweet day!!!
    The Indian Savage Diary

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