01/ 12/ 2014



HELLO???!!! I’m sure you missed me because I sure missed blogging. I know it’s the 1st day of the month ( I should be posting something relevant) but I’m sorry this post is about a fashion boo-boo I committed recently,my share of  faux pas-VPL.

It was awfully windy when we took these photos,plus we were rushing to catch the light,if you notice my eye bags are puffy,I was fighting not to squint facing the sun ( but was impossible) while I was trying to find an angle for my hair to stay in place against the unforgiving wind,so here’s the end product of wrestling against mother nature,certainly not my personal best hehe,but I thought is worth sharing.



THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!,, MY SHARE OF FAUX PAS,,,, MY SHARE OF VPL (visible panty line),I thought this is worth sharing,hehe I worked so hard to get that ass but was ruined by the wrong choice of underwear,well at least I know what to do next,good luck,promise me you won’t do the same mistake I did.

image image   

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