23/ 09/ 2013

Favorite Apps,Narcissism and More Rituals

Ten hours of sleep always makes me feel rejuvenated,no amount of supplement,energy drink, massage or facial can ever  supersede that,add that to my long list of “rituals” which is then followed by (another ritual) a long pause in front of a mirror admiring my “just woke up from a profound dreamless sleep” skin (vain??? or narcissist??—–I’d say a tinge of both).
In connection to my tinge of vanity and narcissism,today let me share my favorite apps,like there really is a connection,I promise you there is(I’ve never made more promises in my life than here,in my blog).

 First app is called morebeaute’,it’s suppose to make me look flawless,more than I already am(you know that I’m joking right??right!I’m not flawless),I’ve used this multiple times to create the illusion of flawless skin,photos of before and after below,this app however only works for close up photos,don’t use this for photos with nice background you wouldn’t want to distort a nice view do you?
(is there an app to remove my second chin?)
(mmm??this is suppose to look better than the original,but anyway for a better example please read my “canvas ” post all photos used on that post was morebeaute’fied)

 App number 2 is Aviary,I use this for all my facebook photos with effects,what I like most about this app is that you can have your photos printed to any Walgreens store in your neighborhood.

App number three is my most abused app,all my photos with suppose to be “water mark” in them came pass this app,what ever aviary has,this app has it,my favorite is the focal blur and color splash.
Wish I have more time to look for better photos,sorry I’m too lazy right now,it is 4:05 in the morning and the world around me is sleeping,gotta go folks,I have more beauty rituals and chores to attend to.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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