19/ 10/ 2013

Filipino Favorite In A Box

With my efforts to redeem myself and cultivate my Filipino culture,today I decided to introduce to you a  modern version of bibingka (Bibingka is a type of rice cake from the Philippines traditionally eaten during the Christmas season-source wiki.com).
Next time you visit an Asian store,I strongly suggest this bibingka in a box,the preparation is pretty easy,just follow the baking instructions in the box,and to add an American touch to it my friend Mary Viana(Hi Mary)suggested to use cream cheese as filling,cut them into strips sprinkle on top of the rice cake mixture before putting it in the oven,the cream cheese will settle at the bottom and will act as a filling,caution:this is pretty addicting,I baked this several times,brought it to work and of course  brag that it’s a Filipino rice cake-and the reaction is consistently the same…..I go home with an empty container and left my co-workers asking for more.
Good Luck,with your baking.
  Thanx for visiting my blog today,xoxo

2 responses to “Filipino Favorite In A Box”

  1. IndianSavage says:

    Ohhh thank you for sharing!!! i love the new tradition!!! Kisses
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