09/ 04/ 2014

Finding The Right Shirt


The first step to finding the right shirt is to “ACCEPT” our  SHAPE easy right???.I might look skinny but my abdomen is actually flabby (fact after 3 kids),now with that in mind,when I choose a shirt I make sure that (here’s the second step) it’s not hugging my body tightly,I know I fit on size “S” but it would be too tight and will show my (unwanted) bulges,so I choose a size or 2 bigger than my usual size (I’m wearing “M” on this post),this little trick creates an illusion that I have flat abs (haha).

Now let’s talk about this very simple lunch date outfit,I know that,that black shirt is very basic,so to add drama I wore my leopard print shoes and this golden brown pants with gold detail on the sides,and for my accessories I chose to be minimalist with a colorful friendship bracelet (to remind me that it’s still spring) and a small brown watch to match the touch of browns in my shoes and pants.

Have fun finding the right shirt guys,enjoy.

I love how the gold detail on both sides of this pants added a little drama on this very simple outfit (told ya I have flabby abs).

Thanx for visiting my blog xoxo.

2 responses to “Finding The Right Shirt”

  1. elb743 says:

    In think you look fabulous! The shirt is perfect , indeed, but so is the wearer! Love the khakis with the Leo shoes…just gorgeous !
    XX, Elle


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