12/ 01/ 2014

First Date


This Vince Camuto boots have been my slip ons this season,so easy to wear and so easy to match with any casual outfit(maybe because they’re black).They are equivalent to a grocery store that are open 24/7 they both spell “convenience”.I wore them last night when Boyfriend wanted to walk instead of drive to Fry’s grocery store,because we wanted to indulge on coffee,but changed our minds and got some sushi instead.

Thanks to Boyfriend’s spontaneity,our 40 minute walk was officially our first date and first walk this year,seeing him smile and laugh and  talk green makes my heart flutter(haha) and appreciate life’s priceless moments like this one even more.

Have a safe and spontaneous Sunday everyone.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.


4 responses to “First Date”

  1. Irene s says:

    Where Is this place at???

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