05/ 08/ 2013

First Day Of School Rituals

   Yesterday we treated the girls to In n Out burger,our new after church ritual ( used to be Mc Donalds) which was also their prior to “first day of school treat”,then I wrote each of my school girls a  LOVE letter(i enclosed a Filipino brand candy inside-flat tops-I’m making that a tradition)and this morning was the big event and believe me when I say the school grounds looked like Hollywood Blvd. filled with parents taking pictures of their kids like paparazzi I don’t blame them,I am sentimental myself but I did not take photos IN SCHOOL today ( that’s my Martina’s request,let’s listen to our tweeners)I wore my new pink jeans instead (just another ritual)Happy Monday guys,so what rituals do you have???
Thanx for visiting my blog and triple thanx for reading.xoxo.

(Target shirt,target jeans,Mossimo sandals,Coach purse)

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