26/ 07/ 2013

First Impressions Last

  First Impressions last the way  first loves never die(do i really believe on the latter???o well,lets continue)over the past few weeks I’ve been planning on how to start this blogging thing,i have written pages of different things to say and torn  tons of papers (don’t worry i recycled them) trying to write and rewrite what my first post is going to be,(because i still believe in 1st impressions and I am working on making one right now)so finally after a good hike yesterday afternoon and 6 hours of non-profound sleep,here i am still empty of thoughts (haha you thought I was gonna say I found a brilliant idea don’t you?)….but not on inspiration though,because today this girl is actually on a decorating mission!!!!and lets leave this post that way……….(suspense???) see you all next time,lets start our day right,beINSPIRED.xoxo.(my first post may not be impressive,but at least I had you hanging in there and I know its working,the way movies with sequel always work).ENJOY:)

(JLO shoes,Target dress (worn as shirt),T.J. Maxx shorts)

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo. 

Share your thoughts it's free and it's awesome,hugs binG.

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