18/ 09/ 2013

Florals and my Happy Ever After


Getting married does not lead to a “happy ever after” it’s your being able to lower your expectations,accept imperfections,learning to compromise and accept contentment  that leads to that.
Here’s to our 9th wedding anniversary,yayyy with confetti and fireworks.
Living with a person you’re not related to is already magical,being attracted and staying in love with the same person for so many years is another,when our relationship was young…we would always fight..in fact I think we fell in love fighting!!!(don’t I sound like a Korean drama???I knew I always had a Korean inside of me),we still argue ones in a while,which brings the real serious Korean dramatic actress out of me,my tears would pour instantaneously,I guess if I was an actress my tears would come prematurely to the director’s “lights camera action” instruction(side effects of growing up without real parents,what else will  bring tears to all my perceived nostalgic moments).
I must admit Boyfriend and I are not perfect and so is our relationship,but as I always say it’s the imperfection that makes it perfect,we make small things count.
Two weeks ago I had to attend a class and as a household custom Boyfriend prepares my lunch,when I was ready to eat my pork bun I was trying to peel the paper(if you’re Asian you know that there’s a paper at the bottom of a pork bun,steam bun and all the white buns,source my Friend Irene Shileds’ fb post)but I couldn’t find it on all three of them,then I realized Boyfriend must have peeled them off,,,little acts like this warms my heart and gives this face a grin,that’s another Korean drama moment when you as a  spectator would know that,that person is in love.
I love happy endings,so let’s end this post that way,,,,what’s your happy ever after???
 (I promise you guys,we’re not fighting)
 Forever21 Floral Dress
Zara Satchel Purse
Photography by Martina
Thanx for always visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Florals and my Happy Ever After”

  1. Karen Bell says:

    WOW!!!!! Bing this is awesome!!!!! Your awesome!!!!!! i am going to read more later!!! But what a great inspiration you are!!!! You know i have broken up with BF after 20 yrs. i am starting a whole new life. It is not easy for me. But, i want to feel 35 again and act 25. he was holding me back!! Do it now while you can!!!! Do everything, anything all of it!!!!! The best you can with all your heart!!!! Love ya!!!!

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