06/ 07/ 2014

Fourth Of July


Call me the most confused blogger in the world,some days I feel pretty frugal some days I feel overly indulgent.Well guess what?, yesterday in celebration of  July 4 ,I and the gang spent most of the day at outlets of Anthem (and you know what that meant right??? celebrating America’s Independence day by shopping!!!),but you should be proud of me,because between being frugal and indulgent??? I chose to be none!!!, I decided to be “reasonable” instead, Boyfriend and I decided to buy only what we need and most of all “what we can afford”,quite a shallow way of  celebrating this country’s independence,but my decision to be “reasonable” is a form of  independence, a freedom from wanting too many things we don’t really need.

How about you guys???how did  you celebrate your 4th of July???

P.S. Did you know that July 4,1776 is  inscribed on the tablet,that the statue of liberty is holding???,nice to know right???.

P.P.S. I bought this shoes for work,because a good nurse needs a good shoes,but when I wore them today for the first time,I thought….this pair is too pretty for work.:)




 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Fourth Of July”

  1. elle says:

    Bing, love what you chose, and you did show admireabler estraint! Love this shoot, the camo is a cool choice for july 4th, and you are rocking those cute offs and turquoise kicks!
    XX, Elle

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