24/ 03/ 2015




I swear we took about 15 photos (that night) but this is the only one that came out decent,and it’s ironic how I posed in front of that “FRESH” and healthy cafe’,when I look exactly the opposite of fresh (pardon my tired face,I came from a 12 hour shift),but I love this outfit guys,this is what I wore when we took the girls to see the movie “CINDERELLA”,that floral top is actually a dress,I didn’t feel like being girly that night so I opted to tuck it in,in this one and only black shorts I have.

Now moving on to this “Fresh Cafe‘”,I got a chance to try their turkey pesto Panini and I loved it,it was about $7,but it was mmm mmm mmm even the kids loved it,you should try it too.

Good luck”).

Thanx for reading and visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Fresh”

  1. elb743 says:

    I love this photo! I love your black shorts, and that printed today. I also love the stunning flats with the stunts in the back. It is great that you chose this wonderful place to be in front of when you photograph to this. I know you eat so well and with good nutrition in mind.
    I can’t wait to see Cindarella!. Also I think you look lovely and refreshed in this shot — very beautiful !?
    Xx, Elle

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