30/ 09/ 2013

Guide To Doing It Yourself

     Often times we wish we own something we can’t afford(duh:( why would I wish something I already have right???),and or often times using your mathematics,you know you can afford something but makes you rationalize and vehemently persuade your brain cells that purchasing a thing or something is not “practical”.
Today let’s talk about “DIY”……stands for do it yourself..(this is not another closet verb,,,clear your minds and let it be green free for few minutes).
Here are  Bing’s  7 guide to doing it your self:
 They are very simple……(I love seven did you notice that?)
1.I ask myself can I do it myself???,most of my DIY projects require BF’s muscles.
2.Do I have the right resources to do it?consider the materials or if you’re cooking,do you have the ingredients.
3.How much time will it take to finish a project???,I make sure it doesn’t interfere with my work and family schedule(time frame).
4.Is it “CHEAPER” to do it my self???or is it cheaper just to buy the ready made.
5.Look for an inspiration,make sure you don’t copy every single detail of it,in other words personalize your project,nobody wants to be called a copy cat(I heard my kids said that).
6.Do not do a project just because you want to prove something,you have to be happy doing it,your project has to be something you really want to accomplish,otherwise it’ll be a waste of time and energy.

7.And finally ask your self,will I be able to use this project???you don’t want to add a pile to your junk in your house do you???

Good luck guys.

Here are some of my/our DIY projects,enjoy.


Arm swags are the easiest DIY project,the kids will have fun with projects like these,(explore the craft store nearest you,I promise you–it’s a sea of inspiration).
 In celebration of the “National Coffee Day” I made my own version of “caramel machiato,using my own favorite coffee,I smothered a sinful amount of whipped cream,drizzled an equally sinful  amount of caramel syrup and finished it with rock salts….now that’s Bing’s  DIY “salted caramel machiato”…I love sweets…let’s live a little.
Little girls room are easy to DIY,,,I chose orange as the main color just because I already have these drawers to base my decors with,thus when I went to look for wall decals and saw those cats and flowers I did not think twice,wall decal from Michael’s.
Before we even mortgaged our house,I already knew what to do with our master bed room,inspired by “Sex and the City”,I did not stop until I found the right wall mural(the Newyork skyline at night),I got it on sale for $80-was $320 I
got it from”all posters.com”.
And here’s a haha photo to remind you and me that I’m not perfect,I’m not rich and famous,I don’t have six packs(I have a very proud 2 packs though—bulging there),but imperfections should not stop us from living life to the fullest,always be inspired look around,choose a flavor a pattern a texture a life and a lifestyle that suits you.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Share your thoughts it's free and it's awesome,hugs binG.

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