04/ 11/ 2013

Halloween Rush

      This Halloween dessert table was literally a rush,I accidentally,unconsciously unintentionally(I have to say that to make a point,it works sometimes) scheduled myself to work eight nights in a row before the 31st,and it was too late to cancel my scheduled party.You can call me super mom-but don’t we all transform to a super hero sometimes???and we don’t need a cape to be one right???

    I started making the decorative pom-poms 3 days before the event(tutorial here),2 days prior to that I did the bat and moon cut outs and the day prior to the party I decorated the rice crispies treats(wrapped them with plastic wrap and hid them in the fridge).I added some vessels,like the food tray and cake tray to add height to the decor and used a black and white tissue paper to line the square plates to create contrast to the treats.

      This vessel looked like it’s filled with candies but the truth is it isn’t,I placed 2 shot glasses inside before pouring the candy over to make it look like it’s filled(easy trick).


     The punch is a mixture of 1 can pineapple juice,1 2liter sprite and 1 3L fruit punch in this case I chose “orange” to color coordinate with my theme,tip do not add the ice in your fruit punch get a separate container for ice,so that guests can choose to add ice or not,and besides the melted ice will interfere with the punch’s sweetness.

      Instead to using the black and white napkins,I used my left over sprinkles to line the plates for the marshmallows.

     And of course,the bananas cannot be left untouched,I have to add ribbons and draw smiley faces on them,aren’t they cute???

     My friend Dee-dee gave us a Halloween card,it doesn’t hurt to add it on the table-it’s orange anyway,right???thanx Dee-dee.

And don’t ask me who I was for Halloween???because I’m not sure if I’m Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera,haha.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

6 responses to “Halloween Rush”

  1. Elle Berman says:

    Well you are a super hero! Love your costume and the party festivities, what an amazing job!
    XX, Elle

  2. IndianSavage says:

    AMAZING!!!! Your look is so cool.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  3. Irene s says:

    I thought u were a teacher .. lol. .. Pat ur shoulder though very well organized as always

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