06/ 04/ 2015

Happy Easter


Certainly not enjoying my 7.1lb. weight gain,but since I’m not ready to give up eating junk yet,I guess I have no reason to complain (I hope I don’t get too comfortable with this though :(.

Speaking of junk,the girls were craving for french fries today,so after hearing the mass and wrestling with the egg hunters,we ended our Easter celebration with a great gastronomic adventure.We took the girls to Oregano…it’s a Pizza Bistro,but it’s their french fries that keep us going back (Thanks to Leslie for introducing this place).



This place is super kid friendly,while waiting for our orders to arrive the girls were given a dough to get busy with,,,they super enjoyed it,they even brought their dough home.


And for a change Boyfriend and I ordered something else besides “Hawaiian pizza”,but we still added  pineapple,so I guess it’s still “Hawaiian” hehe.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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