20/ 04/ 2014

Happy Easter

Forty days “off”  Facebook and meat were my share of lent sacrifices this year (forty days ended today),today as we celebrate Easter I decided to prolong my “no meat” diet,not that I’m trying to sacrifice anything,but It felt good being pescatarian on those 40 days, Facebook however is a different story,I’m definitely back on track and to everyone who visited my blog while I was away (from Facebook) THANK YOU 🙂 and to everyone who follows my Bing your Style Facebook  page, my apologies, I didn’t know  that’s how my page looked like when a new blog post is linked to it.

HAPPY EASTER,what was your share of sacrifice???

P.S. These photos were taken yesterday, Black Saturday.

Yesterday Boyfriend and I had a little “alone” time,we had our pedis done,had a light lunch at a neighborhood sushi bar (I had warm sake-I still don’t like sake whether hot or cold),went light bulb shopping and pretended to be newly weds holding each others waist while walking ( a little PDA,sad no one was around to take a photo of that-I have no evidence haha).
I love this photo below,just ignore my facial expression and hair and enjoy the color of spring in AZ.
Happy Easter again.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Share your thoughts it's free and it's awesome,hugs binG.

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