30/ 12/ 2014

Happy New Year Happy 2015


Here’s a Filipino tradition we got from our Chinese brothers and sisters,it is believed that adding fruits to our dining table on New year’s eve will attract prosperity and GOOD luck,some people don’t believe in this,but I do, albeit I don’t always practice.This year Boyfriend and I made a conscious effort to buy  fruits,because whether it’s true or not at the end of the day,,,fruit is always good for our health.

Here’s the list of fruits and what they mean:

1. Pineapple – the Chinese word for pineapple is “ong-lai,” which means “fortune cones.”

2. Orange – represents gold in Chinese tradition. Its round shape signifies money.

3. Apple – the Chinese word for apple is “ping,” which means “harmony.”

4. Grapes – represents luxury as these are traditionally eaten by royalty.

5. Banana – comes in clusters, symbolizing unity. Its yellow color stands for happiness.

6. Mango – its sweetness signifies strong family ties.

7. Lemon – its fragrance and essence is known to cleanse and remove negative vibes.

8. Watermelon – symbolizes prosperity. Its many seeds stand for abundance.

9. Papaya – similar to the orange, it represents gold in Chinese tradition.

10. Lychee – its round, red body stands for happiness and good fortune.

11. Avocado – its colors – green and purple – symbolize prosperity.

12. Pomelo – its bright red or pink pulp represents good health.

2014 is ending a new year is coming,I hope this year will bring all of us a brighter new start,Happy New year loves.

TRIVIA: In Chinese zodiac 2015 is the year of the green sheep.

Thanx for blogging with me this year,looking forward to more and more happy blogging years,xoxo.

(source abs-cbn.com)

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