24/ 12/ 2016


It’s not being materialistic to want “things” for Christmas.

It’s not being materialistic to covet thy neighbor’s new I-phone, new shoes, new house, new car.

♥No that’s not being materialistic, that’s greed.

It’s not the “wanting” and the “having it” that make us materialistic, because the truth is, we are NOT in true sense materialistic at all.

The “true blood” materialistic people are the people who put value to everything they have, they love their old outfits just as good as the new trend, they love their “things”, they treasure them and wouldn’t trade them for anything new unless they break or become useless (new phone?).

If only materialistic was defined and perceived differently, no kids would have wanted a new toy each year, no moms would have wanted a new kitchen gadget, outfit, shoes, jewelry and something else each year.

“A model” each Christmas has been to want to have something new (that’s why we wrap new presents each year), and I don’t see anything wrong with that, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to believe and create a new model and make it “The model” each Christmas.

And that is to put value back to all that things we have, let’s make them last, let’s slow material consumption down, let’s love all that we own and make the most of what it can do.

Let’s hold on to our material things for as long they last or until they no longer serve their purpose.


P.S. what’s your “the model” Christmas this year? well in my case,,,, a recycled outfit.

Merry Christmas world, from our family to yours.

Here’s this year’s Bingyourstyle.com’s traditional Christmas take 1,2,3 shots and let’s caption them shall we?

And by the way, meet the new member of the family, meet Jan our new photographer, I’m happy to have someone new to BOSS around,,, haha.

Take 1:

Supposed to be cute!, well I think this is cute.

Take 2: 

Supposed to be sweet, except Boyfriend (husband) looks sour, haha.


Jan: What is Bing smiling about?

Boyfriend: But this cup is empty,,#%$%^%

Me: O em gee, can we please just pretend these cups are not empty????!!!! 😀

Take 3:

caption this!

None of us got the memo: WACKY! hahaha to the 10th power, well we have a next year to look forward to,, and we’ll have a wacky pose for sure.

And that’s a wrap!


Jan: Mmmm? did I make a mistake consenting to be part of these family?but they look pretty normal,,,, yeah they’re normal 😀

Thanks for coming over, nice meeting you here.

hugs, Bing♥



  1. Tega Enai says:

    You have a beautiful family Bing. God bless you all. I love the pictures. I can imagine how fun and exciting this shoot was. The lace detail below your dress or skirt is gorgeous.

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  2. Elle says:

    Love the opening shot and the lovely family photos!
    I agree with what you say! I do buy many things, but most is second hand, and sometimes things that are already deemed “not worth buying” because a few beads needs resewing- and there is a perfect full back of replacement beads, or their is a make up stain on something that someone has tried on… these things often go to landfill and pollute, so I restore them, and wear them. I love my old things and new things as well, and I have a lot of clothes and shoes away. This is the right way for me.
    Happy merry and cheers, my friend, and to your beautiful family, too!
    xx, Elle

    • Bing says:

      I know it’s sad how fast people replace things these days, it’s a sad truth, and recycling really is one way to love the old, happy new year Elle thank you for all the energy I get from you, xx

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