17/ 07/ 2015




O hello everybody,to make what’s not obvious too obvious I want to say welcome back to myself,I have been missing in action for a while and If you’ve been one of my readers I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual,because YES! I miss you too.

So let me tell you what that long hiatus was about.

First of all I joined a 21 day fitness challenge (I wasn’t suppose to eat chips,chocolates,white rice,in other words anything unhealthy) which I did not intentionally fail,but failed anyway (shame on me for even trying),I’m sorry but I’m not the best role model in this department,because right now I’m  pretty sure I can never live a “dessertless and chipsless” life.

 Like I posted here your gal here (redundant I know) went to IL,I saw the bean (which was super crowded),I had a dip dish pizza,I tried the famous Garett’s popcorn and the place I enjoyed the most was Chicago’s China town (because you guessed that right, Food) there were Asian restaurants every corner your vision can reach (lovely) and one of the restaurants we went to, had an endless selection of boba (so forgive me Lord but I was a glutton on this trip).

This gal also had some frolicking moments in the streets of So Cal,no photos here,but if you’re too curious I have some on my IG account and the link is somewhere below this page, I’m a mean blogger I’m sorry, because right now my brain is on its state of adjusting to reality,that I am back in the comforts of our home which means back to the discomfort of the desert heat.

I will see you soon,with better photos,right now that photo above represents one of the states I wanna go back into as well….be active again “).

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “HIATUS”

  1. Elle says:

    Bing, indeed, I did miss you!
    No worries about eating some chips. Life is meant to be enjoyed. It is very difficult to be back in the heat so I feel for you. Welcome home! Kisses, Elle

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