15/ 03/ 2014

Hiking Etiquette

In pursuit to our pledge to fitness,Boyfriend and I came to an agreement to make hiking our official way to fitness,and so we both agreed to make it a habit to hike at least ones a week.

Today on this post,let me share some social graces I think we should know when hiking,and let me know what you think.

Hiking is always fun and FREE,try it sometime,Good luck.

1.Please take a shower or take care of your arm pit hygiene before hiking,please be nice to the people trying to catch their breath going uphill,we want a breath of fresh air please (grrrr I experienced that #_+)

2.Greet other hikers, a hello or good morning transpires happiness and determination-to reach the summit.

3.Keep your music to your self,although they say sharing is caring??? but dude,please wear an ear phone please,I’m not an Eminem fan (another grrr experience *_#).

4.Yield to 1.faster hikers uphill and 2.to people heading uphill if you’re already descending the trail,because you are not on a race dude and you don’t own this trail okay???.

5.Leave nothing but your foot steps,no littering please,and if you bring your pets and they decided to p–p??? please clean after them,thank you.

6.Smile,be cheerful it’s a big encouragement for other hikers who looks like they’re ready to give up,(that’s me).

7.No PDA (public display of affection),common guys,do you really want to hike??? or go to a motel???

That’s jut few of the stuff i could think of,do you have anything to add???

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

That hiker (photo above) and lady on a white skort (photo below),ran past me when I was struggling to carry my own weight up,someday I’ll be strong too (inspiration is everywhere).

This couple was an inspiration ,I was panting uphill and they were both coming down hill with smiles,a reassurance that I can make it too (photo above),trails here are steeper and longer than our usual hiking spot.

And meet my hiking buddy:Boyfriend (a proper noun).


Share your thoughts it's free and it's awesome,hugs binG.

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