11/ 08/ 2016



Erika of Livingdappled.com asked me to describe my style, I told her “thrifty”, which is not a “style”, however it describes the way I buy clothes, I don’t follow trends immediately (I don’t like buying full priced clothes), I buy them a season later, which makes me a late comer trendy.

If I have to re-tell my answer, I would tell Erika my style is “Easy”,  I don’t like complicated OOTDs anymore.

Done are the days of “tiis ganda”, a filipino term which literally means “suffering beauty” (ugh! I detest the days I wore super high heels, pretended I was okay and suffered several days later).

I have to protect my knees now, I’m not getting any younger.

I’d rather look plain and comfy, than look cool in agony.

What about you guys? how do you describe your style.

xx Bing♥

Top:F21/denim shorts:DIY from Goodwill/choker:Claire’s/Sunnies:Rayban

P.S. Please check out a short article about me/vitiligo at Livingdappled.com it’s a blog dedicated for women with vitiligo, meet the women affected by it and be inspired by the stories they share.

Location: Carmel, CA

Photo credits: Boyfriend



To God be the glory.

4 responses to “I AM EASY”

  1. Elle says:

    I love your new style, and that you pr for comfort, which looks beautiful on you. I love your style very much, and it reflects you- simple, beautiful, comfortable in your own skin, relaxed, happy and wise. Now that is a style I can get behind!
    xx, Elle

  2. Shybiker says:

    Whatever we call your “style,” I like it! For me, style is simply a word to describe how we express our personality with clothes. You do it clearly and well. And thank you so much for all the blog comments! I was touched by them.

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