12/ 12/ 2013

I Am My Boss Of My Style

My first born (who happens to be my biggest blog critic) said that “pony tail means athletic..(she said that after mocking my hair,and telling me that I’m not athletic,she’s so cute though no matter what) twin tail means childish,braided means mature,short hair means rebellious,long hair means “NORMAL” and showing forehead means rich”…(tomorrow I’ll be showing off my forehead haha).
For awhile she sounded like an article of a lifestyle magazine trying to label me with my style,although what she said was cute and worthy of a “blog post” I believe that no hairstyle or jeans or dress cut can define one’s style and personality.
What I believe though is that our personal style is our way of defying labels,rules,trends and the principles of vogue.
Have a safe and stylish Wednesday everyone.
I think I need a belt,my pants is falling.
I have to show you that I’m wearing a pair of stripes socks to match my stripes shirt,heee haaaa.
Photo below is saying,,,Hey Yo Yo Yo I think I love Justine Bieber now,yo!!!
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Share your thoughts it's free and it's awesome,hugs binG.

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