15/ 10/ 2013

I Found Me In Seoul

 My recent visit to the Korean store is an affirmation that everything does  happen for a reason,my obsession for anything Korean sure has a purpose(i know you’re thinking that I’m crazy and hopeless,give me the benefit of the doubt,and I’ll prove you wrong,just keep on scrolling).
I was literally stuck with Imo(Korean for auntie)-the store owner for over 30 minutes,thanks to the 21st century car innovation,anyone can start and drive their car with out a key shoved to the ignition slot,we left our car key at home,and Boyfriend (I call my husband Boyfriend) had to drive 20 minutes one way to get it back.
Commercial break:Sure I have to dress up…..for my pretend visit to Seoul.
     There were about 20 customers that came in and out of the store the entire time I was there,and my fascination for Korean drama has advanced to the realization that my Filipinoness has gone awry,I taught my kids to say “anyong”(hello or good morning in Korean)in fact that’s how they greet me each morning they wake up.

I heard how each younger Korean customers speak their language with english words sandwiched in between sentences,I saw how each customer bowed their heads as a sign of respect to Imo before they left the store,I know 30 minutes is too soon to conclude and tell the world that Koreans are polite people,but 30 minutes was all it took to realize that I have slowly been pushing my Filipino culture away.


  How I wish that any non-Filipino who visits a Filipino store or restaurant would feel what I felt when I visited that Korean Store,the store itself was physically small but it was a huge representation of  their culture.

On all the Korean dramas I saw,no matter how modern the setting was,the writers always made sure that their culture is incorporated in them,it’s never too late to savor the richness of my culture….my first visit to the Korean store sure was an enlightenment.Today as I’m writing this…I already re-cultured the kids and reminded them that though we love anything Korean,we are Filipinos living in America and from now on,the pos and “opo” will never be taken for granted in our household(“Opo” is the polite way to say “yes” in Tagalog. “Po” doesn’t have a particular meaning, but using it when speaking expresses respect for the person you are talking to),the mano (Mano is a gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders,as shown below-source wiki.com) will be reinforced and sure will be practiced from today onwards.

(image not mine,it belongs to the original artist)

I sure still love Lee Min Ho,kalbi,bulgogi,kimchi and bibimbap but let me redeem my self by telling the world that I eat balot more often than kimchi,(and not all Filipinos can eat balot-only the BRAVE ones,and I’m one of those brave ones… haha).

Here’s Imo in her kitchen,don’t worry my dear Filipinos because I did my best to give her a good impression of us,I displayed politeness the whole time,and since they say”when in Rome do what the Romans do”?,I ate what Ima cooked,the name was too long to memorize but it was certainly good,because Boyfriend who’s always hard to please with food-finished a big bowl of that(let’s just call it that).
What part of your culture you are most proud off??come share your thoughts I’m willing to listen.
(My new favorite Korean love song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw_eD19i4wA ,play the song as a back ground,call it multitasking……. enjoy..saranghe)
Thanx for visiting my blog today,xoxo.
P.S.here’s Ima’s address
 Seoul Market
8935 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ ‎
(623) 934-9423 ‎

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  1. Michelle Lee says:

    great photos and post 🙂

    & yes I’m Korean-American

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