24/ 04/ 2015

I have no right to complain


Are you like me who always wanted  flatter abs but always end up getting none? hehe,don’t worry because I share your frustration , ladies,,,,welcome to the club.

This post is meant to tell you guys that if you don’t have flat abs,it’s okay,we cannot all be running around with flat abs,just like not everyone drives an audi R8 or a corvette. Let’s  face it,others are more motivated than us on that aspect and let’s give them credit for that,and don’t feel bad, remember other’s success is not our failure.

Let’s be happy for other’s achievements,let’s be happy and contented for what we have, and learn  not to complain on the  things we’re lazy to change,and in the mean time let me share some photos we took with our recent run,because I might have given up on flat abs,it doesn’t mean though that I don’t want to sweat.

Have a “feel good” week-end everyone “).



By the way I perfected my head stand,yayyy”).


 Sorry this one is blurry.


Contrary to what you think,I don’t look as good as that after I run,this photo was taken after a pause and I curled my lashes before posing like that,hehe,magic.



Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “I have no right to complain”

  1. Elle says:

    Wow, Bing – you are such an inspiration ! I love that shot of you mid air, and the one where you re running and we see very powerful calf muscle! You look gorgeous, and probably did even before your curled you lashes!
    Loved this!
    xx, Elle

    • Bing says:

      hahaha,you always make me laugh Elle,I’m laughing in delight that I inspire you,when in fact I so look up to you,you’re my positive guru”),thanx Elle”).

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