22/ 07/ 2016



I know how to deliver a flawless “silent inducing” speech when I’m angry (with husband and kids haha).

I know what words to use when I ask my husband  a favor and I don’t want “no” for an answer.

I know what to say next when the 1st move didn’t work (wink-wink and more hahahas).

 But It’s frustrating how I can’t bring this beautiful love story sitting in my brain to words.

I feel defeated not being able to share it to you guys.

I want you to feel the butterflies from the words I’m supposed to write.

But because I don’t know what to do.

I guess it will sit in my heart until it figures its way out to print.

But no worries, while I can’t translate a beautiful story to words yet, let me share these beautiful photos from San Francisco, specially photographed for our 3rd year together.

Have a happy week ahead of you guys, and remember, if you can choose “awesome” why choose something else.

hugs, binG♥

Top:H&M/Scarf:$1 from H&M/Shoes:TH trifted  $2.50/Sunnies:Kate Spade

Photo Credits: Boyfriend




To God be the glory.

4 responses to “I NEED HELP HERE”

  1. Elle says:

    Love this print on you, so pretty by the water, with the scarf framing your face so perfectly!
    Relationships are hard work, if the dance isn’t working- change just one step, and try to feel the rhythm again!
    xx, Elle

  2. Angie says:

    Cool- I love your style

  3. Tega Enai says:

    The photos are beautiful. Happy 3rd year anniversary.
    If you say you don’t know how to write, i don’t know what I’ll say about myself. I love your style of writing Bing. You’re a good writer believe it or not. haha


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