26/ 08/ 2016



I regretted the days I thought I was ugly, because clearly I’m not, and no one is (it’s all a matter of perspective).

I regretted buying stuff I didn’t need.

I regretted not slapping my exes’ faces when they broke my heart, and for the record, I never dumped anybody in the past, I’m the one who’s always left behind. So to all my exes, I should have slapped your faces back then (hahaha), and NO! I didn’t go to bed with any of them.

(Oh dear, Is that why I was ditched?)

let’s move on…….

Regretted not reading more.

 Not eating more when my metabolism was still young and to the roof, but well actually, I didn’t eat much when I was younger because there was seriously not much to eat (my, my,,,,,,my  struggles are countless).

I know we can’t go back and correct the things we regretted not doing or doing, but thank Goodness we can always look back, laugh, and learn from them.

It’s too late to talk to my 16 self, but I can always remind this 4 decade old self,,,,,,,

To live and laugh more.

To dream again.

To set new goals.

To worry less.

Spend less, Save more

Find bliss from everything FREE, hiking, writing, humming.

Read more, read hard stuff

 (Hey, I read Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and if Shakespeare’s grammar is not hard? I don’t know what is,,,thine, hath,thou).

Embrace my body for what it is and what it has become (you know pruning, cracking, bulging), haha more.

To put my hands up in the air, wave them like I just don’t care.

And most of all,,,,


(yes exes, I’ve forgiven all of you, thanks for making my life colorful, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart).

Thanks for coming over, share your thoughts and regrets if you have any.

hugs, Bing♥

scarf and top:Target/Denim shorts:DIY Goodwill , I♥Goodwill

Location: The True Peak at Squawpeak Mountain, Phoenix AZ

Photo Credits: Boyfriend

FullSizeRender-4FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-2To God be the Glory.


  1. Elle says:

    I love that you share so much of yourself Bing, You are a onion of a gift, you keep peeling away layers! I am sorry that others were not kind to you. Kindness and intelligence are the two qualities that matter, not your size ,or how many shoes you have, So cool you are reading great literature!
    Funny, I have no regrets at all, Maybe that will happen to you when you get to be my age ( 58 now– or maybe I have just forgotten them- ha, no… Really no regrets, i learn when I make a mistake and get perspective when things are hard. but then again, i did not struggle so profoundly as you..

    you are where you should be- standing tall!
    xx, Elle

    • Bing says:

      Thanks Elle, peeling myself layers by layers as you said, makes me feel lighter and happier each day,my struggles are countless, but I can laugh at them now haha, and I’m looking forward to not having regrets in the super near future…

  2. Tega Enai says:

    Such a beautiful piece and a lot to be learnt also.

    ‘So to all my exes, I should have slapped your faces back then (hahaha)’ …This really cracked me up.

    Happiness is…

  3. Shybiker says:

    Great thoughts. We all limit ourselves in ways that are unnecessary. I wish I’d pursued more adventure when I was younger.

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