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Why “me before you” is worth a #harrypotter #book break?
Because,,, no #spoiler intended haha just #read it ❤️ but definitely 10x better than “paper town” , the #conflicts are reasonable, the #emotions are close to #reality except for the antibiotics, haha again 4 stars, xoxo Bing ™

So I lied, I take that back, I know I said “Me Before You” of Jojo Moyes is 4 star, well I judged the book too soon.

I finished the book feeling angry, the ending and rationalization as to why Will Traynor ended his life doesn’t make sense! NO NO NO NOT AT ALL!!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a spoiler alert.

WILL died.

He killed himself, a character so strong in the beginning, a character who persuaded Lou to travel, to live, to explore and try new things killed himself???!!!!

He is paraplegic I know, but there are stages of grieving! how did he get stuck at depression?, I don’t understand???

If I were Lou? I wouldn’t have gone to Switzerland with him,,,, just google Dignitas (a suicide clinic), like grrr!!! really to the 100th power.

If I were Lou, I wouldn’t have read Will”s letter, I stopped reading the book in Paris, I mean when Lou was in Paris, because a person who refused to live has no right to tell me how to live my life.

There!,,,,grrrr, ugh! I’m so angry.

Penguin Books, I want my money back.

What are you guys reading lately?

hugs, Bing♥

4 responses to “I WANT MY MONEY BACK”

  1. Elle says:

    So glad to know this! I just finished two excellent books , the Alaskan laundry , love warrior, , a Man called Ove, amid Every anxious Wave. Have a great weekend!
    Xx. Elle

  2. shamuboo says:

    I want my baby back
    Baby back
    I want my baby back
    Baby Back
    Chillllliiiiiiis Baby Back Ribs
    Bar B Q Sauce!
    This was a wonderful review of the Chili’s restaurant franchise. I agree that their food is above average a good value. Hmm, what’s that? Did I actually read the article? Well, no but that’s the new hip way to comment on blogs. Just leave comments based on what the title made you think of 🙂
    As for that story, it reminds me of my experience reading Absolute Power by Baldacci. I had seen an really enjoyed the film and then the book had a twist in the middle that the movie did not and that twist was completely stupid. Thankfully I have not had a bad experience like that very often in reading. I never made it through Paper Towns but Looking for Alaska blew me away.
    And wow thanks for that Target flashback shot (I did see the book on the shelf you were reviewing too so it wasn’t just all legs legs legs–granted that was afterwards but it still counts ;D )

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