15/ 12/ 2014

Ice Skating In Phoenix


     Momming is my favorite job in the world,it gives pleasure,satisfaction,heartaches,tears (either because of joy or frustrations) natural high,natural happiness,just all natural and organic,this is a task that makes me selfless,makes me “ME” and not pretend to be somebody else, (yeah because as a wife I have to fake some of my…you know,it’s a girl thing or a wife thing I guess hehe) but it cannot be without effort and sacrifices.Last night as an effort (2 hours of sleep from a 12 hour night job) we took the girls ice skating,yes! we have ice in the desert,Thanx to the city of Phoenix for bringing ice to us,the girls had a blast,and so did I,it could have been better if I can skate and glide in the ice,but I can’t!!! (because we cannot be good in everything-does that sound like a good excuse???)

Pardon my puffy face,this is Bing your style so I cannot not post my OOTD whether it’s a hit or miss,it’s still an OOTD or OOTN or which ever way you wanna call it, and also pardon my lack of creativity with my pose,each hour of  missed sleep takes toll on my creativity,but better poses soon,I hope hehe.

If you live in Phoenix here are two ice skating places you can visit this holiday season their website here and here.

Have fun momming or ice skating,Happy holidays everyone.

imageimage image


We get excited when the temperature drops down to the 50’s for Arizonans that calls for gloves and beanies (excited).


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