13/ 03/ 2015

I’m 6.4 Pounds Heavier


I used to be one of those girls who seem to posses “super powers” for not gaining weight no matter what I shove in my mouth,well  guess what??? my super powers are over and gone, because last night,I couldn’t believe I wouldn’t fit in any of my dresses the way I used to,and that’s why I have to give up a dress for a this black peplum top to conceal my muffin top, yes guys,,,your super girl friend here gained 6.4 pounds in the last 4 months (no,don’t tell me it’s just poo N pee–this is real,I’m heavier), albeit,I’m still trying to convince myself that the extra pounds are from the muscles in my biceps (haha I wish) but then again the humps and the bumps in my belly are reminders of all the goodies I devoured last year,hence making me realize that “retribution is tricky” indeed.


These photos were taken at BBQ Heaven to celebrate Cecil’s and Mary’s birthday (they are the crazy ladies blowing their b-day cakes when they should be smiling at the camera–check out the 2nd to the last photo below hehehe),sides,entrees and cocktails were awesome 5/5,except the dessert which I didn’t really cared for.



Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

4 responses to “I’m 6.4 Pounds Heavier”

  1. You look gorgeous! I love the peplum top such a cute look!


  2. elb743 says:

    Dearest Bing,
    You look dazzling and the gain, which is slight, give you some softness in your pretty face, and that is the only change I can see. The jeans fit and look fabulous, and I adore the black blouse, and the butterfly necklace.
    The clutch is the perfect touch . Now the blue cocktail– I want o dive into that!
    Looks like you are having a wonderful celebration !
    xx, Elle

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