05/ 12/ 2015



Gooooood morning everyone, here’s another episode of me myself and I, some hahas some inspiration and where they are coming from.

1. Anthony Bourdain—- (I love him next to BF) this guy can talk, write, eat his heart out without loosing his shape, and most of all he makes “aging” look good on TV, isn’t he graceful? (aging gracefully, that’s what I meant haha) he’s telling us that food is not something to feel guilty about, that food is not just food, that there is so much more to it, the culture behind it, the science and the history sprinkled all over it, he eats and it’s okay to eat, so let’s eat everyone, in moderation though.

2.Kevin Kwan—- He created Rachel too perfect in a world that’s not perfect at all, but his books (he only has 2 so far) are entertaining, if that’s the reason why you read then go try his piece of art and discover why I’m so inspired, he introduced  Rania Al-Adbullah and so much more to this “there is so much more to read” brain of mine.


3.DAY DREAMING—– or night dreaming (because I’m nocturnal) this makes me smirk, it brings me back to the past (which is crazy), this lets me hold hands with the boys I didn’t get to hold hands with in high school , I write (unpublished) high school romcom novels in my brain.I go back in time and slap the faces of the people I didn’t get to slap when they deserve slapping (this time I’m laughing out loud haha), this is what crazy introverts do you know, or day-dream about wearing a Dolce and Gabana OOTD from head to toe,posing for ,,,,never mind,cut that posing part,after all it’s just a day-dream, wink-wink.


4.HIKING-–It’s an amazing feeling to see the world at a different angle, it took me 2 years to gain the strength I have right now, I must admit, I’m a little late in this hiking thing, hiking is a game, but not a race, there is no finish line, the mountains and planes are waiting to be seen and experienced, and that’s where I am right now.

5.YOU GUYS—-which means you and all the wonderful people surrounding me (the not so wonderful included), thank you so much for the sweet words, for dropping by my blog, a time spent clicking your mouse to get here is an effort I cannot ignore, to my friends and BF and the gang, I heart ya all.

Location: Pacific Coast Highway,California.

Thanks for coming over.

hugs, binG.




To God be the glory.

2 responses to “I’M INSPIRED”

  1. isaprofessional says:

    Loved your thoughts on life and outfit as well, the pictures are really nice too. Love your blog!

    ISA Professional

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