21/ 02/ 2014

I’m Not 38 For No Reason

 If I have to describe my 30′s in one word,I’d say I can’t,it will take more than one good adjective to describe what I have become in 3 decades.

   If 20′s was my trial and error stage,30′s is about putting the pieces of my life into place. Mistakes along the way taught me how to make better choices,I learned how to say NO to  people who gave me heart aches and cling to the ones that uplifted me.I learned to turn “envy” to “inspiration”,because mature people don’t get envious,we get inspired,the same way that mature people dislikes being a source of envy,we want to be a source of inspiration instead.

Two more years and I’ll be stepping into another decade,I’m not rushing,but if this is how it feels to be old (in control and thankful) then I couldn’t wait to see what exciting things my 40’s has in store for me.

P.S.If I was frustrated (here),acceptance came sooner than I’ve expected,I wouldn’t have celebrated my birthday with a smile (here)  if I knew that someone is still hurting,,money cannot buy relationships nor can it replace “relationships by blood” happy endings are not given,we have to make them,and I just made one.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “I’m Not 38 For No Reason”

  1. happy birthday!!! you’re fabulous at any age!

    xo, Liz

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