06/ 11/ 2016



Wouldn’t it be nice if women didn’t have to wear bra? wouldn’t it be nice if saggy boobs are “the it thing”.

To the person who invented the underwire bra? WHYyyyyyy?

I’m sure she was celebrated for her genius invention back then, and women (yes I’m one of you guys) through the years are made to believe that it’s okay, but after many many years of torturing myself to achieve the “perky” goal thru a boob squeezing/suffocating/painful device, I say I’m done, enough is enough I am setting myself free.

Today, on this beautiful day in the desert of AZ, I, Bing of the big Bing theory is declaring a “REVOLUTION”.

A revolution to “NO” underwire bra (I’m sorry but Victoria secret should start thinking of a better business than making women with saggy boobs feel bad about themselves).

If we seek for equality, men and women should be equal in boob sense or in nipple sense, women should be allowed to breathe, our boobs should be allowed to bounce freely under our shirts, women’s perky nipples should be respected and treated the same way male nipples are treated in public, I’m not saying I will walk topless in public, no that’s not what this revolution is about, I just don’t want to be judged when my boobs decide to navigate at a different direction rather than upwards.

Someday, my dream is for all boobs to be released from this very big prison of underwire bras and for women to be confident in carrying their saggy boobs, that someday both the saggy and the perky will celebrated just for being boobs and not by it’s geographic symmetry to the earth and sky.

Let’s set our boobs free ladies, cheers to all the boobs in the world (whether saggy or perky), no more underwire bras haha.

Happy Sunday loves, thanks for coming over.

hugs, Bing♥

Photo credit: Boyfriend

P.S. Why it’s ironic, I’m wearing an underwire bra in that photo





  1. Elle says:

    I will join that revolution! I never wear underwire bras. I usually wear light sport bras and i even have on that is fleece and soft. When I can I go without one…
    my favorite time of the day is when i come home and take off my bra, and slip into my sweats and son’s tee shirt!
    xx, Elle

  2. Noma M says:

    Yes! I’m here for your revolution. Bras can be such a pain I go without one as much as I can.

    XoXo Noma

  3. Tania Franco says:

    I’m so used to underwire, I have try one without. I don’t know the last time I wore one. Great piece!


  4. Mariann Yip says:

    I totally agree! I hate wearing bras and I feel like we shouldn’t feel like we need to if we don’t want to.


  5. shamuboo says:

    I have always felt so bad when I see the effects of these types of bras, it looks miserable. The digging into the skin and the marks and just the whole discomfort in general. Comfort is such an important concept for me personally and I do not find the discomfort of others sexy no matter what effect it creates. The times I have been in Victoria’s Secret I do not find any of it exciting at all. Some of it looks like stuff Harry Houdini might take a go at in his act its so confining. Actually there was 1 thing at that store that really did look sexy to me, a nice, plain, white tee shirt of a length meant to be a night shirt. To me I think a woman would look amazing in that, natural, comfortable, nipples easily visible under soft material (nipples visible under clothing is especially wow personally) and lots of easy access for me 😉 Viva la revolution, especially in your case!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. Shybiker says:

    This is actually an important and complex subject. I get how wearing a bra all the time is unpleasant. Many women with smaller breasts don’t even need bras except for coverage — and that’s a cultural demand, not a physical one. How we view women’s bodies, and require breasts to be covered up, is culturally-determined, not innate. Other societies have different ideas about it. Even in Europe displaying breasts (e.g., at the beach) is tolerated more freely.

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