31/ 07/ 2013


   Have I been  committing acts of infidelity to boyfriend???( I call my husband boyfriend,thus his boyfriend is a proper noun not a common noun),,,,,,,boyfriend and I had a decent church wedding,it was not our dream wedding but we had an intimate and remarkable one,we were young then,we were both in our 20’s but if I could turn back time,I wish we could have waited longer and settled when we were both 30 ( by the way I am 37 now).

Starting as a  couple was hard, we were both immature and restless,plus it did not help that money was scarce,,,,I was working as a nurse (in the Philippines) and  he was a driver,and although we made very little then,most of our disagreements were not money related,it was “practice related”,,it was hard  to incorporate our values,beliefs and practices together,,so we always fight in the “KITCHEN”!!! because his mom cooks the fish this way and my grandma fried the meat this way,his dad preserved the beef that way and my grandma dried the fish this way,same issue same cycle,thanks to Katy Perry’s “we fight we make up”….that could have been a perfect theme song for our own “Emmy worthy” soap…………..(i love using fast forward,so just give it to me),,,.

Fast forward that,9 years later we are now making more( I am now an RN in USA)we are not rich but I know we are not poor either,we reached our 30’s,we’ve learned to agree on our disagreements (and to solve the “kitchen” issue,this Bing gave way and handed boyfriend the throne to the Kitchen) haha!! problem solved,,,.

But wait not too fast because like the soaps, new season brings  new villain and like our lives, migrating in the US brought up new challenges,,thus the INFIDELITY issue came….and before you jump to an unimaginable conclusion,let me introduce the phrase “financial infidelity”… there!!!The new culprit,the new villain,for the first few years in America I was a victim of credit card,I was spending like there’s no tomorrow behind boyfriend’s back…gosh was I committing financial infidelity?????Yes,your honor I’m guilty,,,.

BUT!!!. like fairy tales our story also had a happy ending ( lets stick to fairy tales,for happy endings) I learned to shop wiser,I shredded my credit card paid off my balance and applied for another credit card with a lower credit limit($500),and like  the “KITCHEN” ,boyfriend now also holds the “FINANCIAL” throne in the  our home,and its been great ever since,like they say we learn from our mistakes,so whats your share of infidelity???below are photos of me wearing one of my jacket bought out of my “financial infidelity”.



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